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Office 365 Calendar sync to Google Calendar does not exist anymore?


Is my understanding correct that the flow template "Office 365 Calendar sync to Google Calendar" does not exist anymore? I have a flow based on that which stopped working and I wanted to rebuild it from scratch ... however, it's not there 😞


Link for the original template


Also, I was not able to find any relevant alternative  so would appreciate any tips.







@rseiler It seems that the replication is not caused by errors. I looked at my calendar today and noticed that most of my events are now replicated. Looking at my sync history, there have been no errors over that timeframe.


I guess at some point I'll pull apart the flow and try to figure out what is going on. Too bad there isn't a more straightforward way of doing this...

Please let us know your results. That flow has quite a lot to it, with many moving parts to fly off the rails. Hard to saw which part it is.

@rseiler I believe the issue has to do with the "Calendar List" action ( It is used twice in this flow; once for non-recurring items and again for recurring items. For the non-recurring items, the search query is the event Id, and for the recurring items, it is for the master series Id.


It seems to fail to find any results in both cases (output is an empty list), so the flow never makes it to the part where they are deleted (all items are deleted and then added in again later, I believe). So because it never gets to this deletion loop, they items accumulate on the calendar.


The flows are difficult to debug in that you can't see the values of the variables every step of the way. When looking at the documentation linked above, it say it returns "the first page" of events. I'm not sure what this means. We want all events in the time span indicated, so idk why it would only return one "page", whatever a page is. In either case, the actions never return anything. I tried to remove the query part, but my flow hung. 


I'll look into this more at some point, but I'm pretty certain this action (used twice) is what is causing the duplications.


I'll try to look into it again another time when my dopamine stores are replenished...

Worked like a charm after following your method 🙂

@eivindlia You aren't getting duplications? What method did you follow? I tried to troubleshoot the issue but was never able to get it to work properly.


I worry that you will begin getting duplications in the following days.


I followed the steps @andre1 explained in his post from 10-22-2019. I have no duplicates 🙂

If you've really only been using it since Friday, it's not been long enough to judge.
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I have this working. I will notify whether i see any duplications.


My one question is how do i get it sync everything and not just new calendar events from O365. At the moment it runs/is triggered with new ones and I want my Google Calendar to be populated with everything thats in my O365 calendar right now.

It should do everything. It triggers on new events but eventually goes through a wide swath of days and copies over everything, every time (I think...).

New Member

Hi, it is 2022 and I cannot find a template that works to sync existing (or any) calendar events at all from google to outlook 365 and vice versa?! The issue is NOT solved, the template written about in 2019 does not exist any more.

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