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Helper III
Helper III

Outlook 365 Calendar Event Subject don't Update in Calendar view but SendeMail (downstream of Update) of subject changed ? Cloud Flow Successful

How to update Outlook 365 Calendar Subject? Flow ran OK but Event subject did not change Calendar view.

However, Send eMail downstream of Update_Event_Action shows subject changed shown as follows





Solution Sage
Solution Sage


I think there is a mismatch in the event ID because of which the event details are not getting updated. Can you please try going to run history and expand the update event action to check the event ID.


Then try creating a new flow with get event action to retrieve the details of the event, try and check if the event details are same.


I don't see any other possible reason other than the one above mentioned because of which flow failed to update the event details


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Helper III
Helper III

Thanks for support. my next question is how to filter out subsequent new Event caused by Update of Event Subject? 

Reason for above is another Event ID is created (by SubjectUpdate) firing same Flow again resulting in looping..

My next question is how to filter out subsequent new Event caused by Update of Event Subject? 

My suspect of trigger by EventUpdate rather than EventCreate is described below:


Please note, that if you use any version (V1, V2, V3) of When a new event is created trigger, when you accept the meeting invitation, the trigger would fire second time for this meeting event. The reason for this is that the Outlook service treats an event after acceptance as a new one and rewrites its Id and created date (so, recreates event in fact). The user can workaround this issue by filtering trigger's outputs on Response type parameter using built-in Control module and its Condition action. If you use the Update Event operation and you are the organizer of the event, all the attendees will receive meeting updates.

The When an event is added, updated or deleted (V3) trigger fires on each event occurrence. When you change a recurring event, it affects all events in this series, so the trigger fires multiple times based on how many events you have in the series.

An event can be updated due to internal Exchange processes and the When an event is added, updated or deleted (V3) trigger will fire again because of that. Users can filter trigger's outputs on Action Type parameter to ignore unnecessary updates.

Thanks. I used your suggestion to create different flow to use variable initialized with EventID; all pertinent input  is applied with this variable. Now, my problem becomes Event shift to a different Start Time. 

details in 


I appreciate your support! 

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