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Outlook Update Messes Up Email Format

Hey Everyone! 


Not sure if anyone else is experiencing this issue.


I'm using an Email Approval flow to get documentation approved by Product Owners. However, recently the email format has been messing up. We've been using this flow for about 8 months now no issue, and now it's messing up.


The email is appearing as one large paragraph instead of having breaks. We used HTML formatting in the email previously to format paragraph breaks. This was working until now. Now, recipients are receiving the emails with the <br> formatting appearing as text in the email.


This may have been due to an Outlook update? The recipient didn't see this issue until her Outlook updated. Removing the break formatting from the email template didn't resolve the issue.


Any ideas/help would be appreciated.




Community Support
Community Support

Hi @ Abbie8290,


Could you please share a screenshot of the configuration of your flow?


Could you please explain more details about the issue that you meet when the flow runs?


Please share more details so we could provide a proper workaround for you.



Alice Zhang



The issue isn't really with the flow itself. The flow works 100%


The issue is with how the formatting of the delivered email. It strips away any breaks. Here's an example of the email it sends:


5-23-2018 10-10-33 AM.png


Previously, the email message had to be formatted with "<br>" to indicate a paragraph break. Now the message just includes the formatting and still delivers the email as one large jumbled paragraph.


Here's how the email looks in the flow:

5-24-2018 8-39-01 AM.png


Before that above image used to produce an email that looks like this:

5-24-2018 8-40-53 AM.png


Now, it looks like the very first screenshot i posted (one long line). I took out the break tags (<br>), and it still appears as one long paragraph to the recipient. It was working fine before but now it isn't. It may have to do with an update to Outlook? I'm not sure but since it is all Microsoft I would think it could still support the emails.


Hope this is enough details. Let me know if you need anything more!




Hi @ Abbie8290,



Please take a try to delete the "Send email with options"  action in your flow and re-add the action in your flow again, and set the "Is HTML" to "Yes"  to see if the problem could be solved.



Please let me know if your problem could be solved.


Alice Zhang

I am having the exact same issue for received emails, formatting is removed and the email is one big block of text.  Some are forwarded to a compliance inbox and are received correctly.  There is no Flow involved and it is random emails not all.  But when it occurs, all recipients on our domain are affected.  

Is there any resolution for this?  

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