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So currently we're encountering an issue where the person who creates the Power Automate Workflow or is the person who deploys the workflow into a specific environment is the person who shows up in email steps, in dynamics etc. For instance if the flow sends an email out, the email will be as if the person who deployed the flow in the environment sent the email. Or if the flow updates a field in Dynamics, it will show the person who deployed the flow has updated the field in dynamics even though it was the flow that did it not the person. Is there a best practice to get around this? I've talked to people about using Service accounts but our network/security guys have pushed back on using service accounts because they don't want multiple people to have access to an account. Is there a way to get around the Power Automate workflows taking the creator or deployer of the flow and using them in email steps etc?


Thanks for your help

Helper I
Helper I

Hi, @naflosi 
The account connected to the flow action can only be selected from the flow edit screen and cannot be changed to the user who dynamically triggered the flow.

One workaround is that if the number of people who perform the flow is small and fixed, the person who created the flow sends the flow to the person who executes the flow with [Send Copy], and then the flow is executed. There is a way to have the flow of the executor's account imported and change the account that connects to the action to the executor of the flow.



However, I don't think this workaround is suitable for this scenario.
Another workaround is to leave the account connected to the flow action as it is, but triggers such as Forms, SharePoint, PowerApps can get the name of the user who triggered it, so put that user's name in the body of the email It is a method to output to the column to be added by or dynamics.
(The default updater column for email senders and dynamics is not the user who triggered the flow I need guidance to the user)

I used google translate.
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