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Parallel Dynamic Approvals with Individual Approve Statuses Visible

I’m looking for a way to request multiple dynamic approvals in parallel and identify the status of each approval workflow without being the originator of the approval.  Ultimately, I would like to be able to see all of the approval statuses to each individual approver (whether it’s rejected, pending, or approved) and pull them into a table to feed into a dashboard.  I expect there will be dozens of packages out for approval at once to many different approvers.  What is the best way to do this?


I assume that the best way to get what I want (parallel approvals with individual approval status visible) is to do a customized approach, such as using Actions to send an email with voting options (from a single email address), and then with another flow process those email responses.  If anyone has suggestions for how to do this kind of an approach, I'd love to hear them as well.




I have done some research on this, and found from this post that you can see the approvals that are pending if you created the flow but that you need to use CDS otherwise.  I followed this this blog post to set up an automated flow based on a Common Data Service (CDS) record change, where I could record the approval data from CDS when the full approval action is completed.  This works fine if it’s a single approver; however, I have an action where I send approvals to a dynamic array of approvers where all need to approve – in this case, the record in CDS only appears to be updated (and my flow triggered) when there’s either a rejection or all approvers have approved.


Below I’ve attached what the relevant parts my flows look like, if that helps.  First, the approval workflow itself, and then the CDS flow for getting approval status.


Approval Workflow


approval workflowapproval workflow



CDS Flow


CDS flowCDS flow





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