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Parse HTML & extract information



I am trying to parse HTML content & extract all the image SRC, not able to find any actions to parse HTML & extract information from a HTML element & its attribute. In below example there are three images with src, would have to extract ImageURL1,ImageURL2,ImageURL3. 



<h2>HTML Image</h2>
<img src="ImageURL1" alt="Trulli" width="500" height="333">
<p>some text</p>
<img src="ImageURL2" alt="Trulli" width="500" height="333">
<img src="ImageURL3" alt="Trulli" width="500" height="333">


The HTML will be received in a email. The HTML given above is simple but it will be complex HTML with n no of images. If there is no other way to extract using standard action I am planning to write an Azure function to parse the HTML using NewtonSoft HTML parser. Would be great if someone provides some insights.

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi @ashiqf 

If you wanted to avoid code, Encodian provide a regex search action which should help:

Quick example:


You'd need to tweak the regex slightly if you purely wanted the content inside the attribute, but this would work.



Thanks for your insights @Jay-Encodian but it would have been great if there is a first party connector or action from Microsoft. 

Hey @ashiqf 

Microsoft don;t cover all scenarios, that's why the Power Automate Ecosystem provides so many third party connectors.


I agree, MS won't provide everything. Microsoft is currently reviewing the user voice request for Regex, hopefully they might support this in future

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