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Parse out URLS from JSON String

I am trying to parse a JSON string for multiple URLS in the below text from "HTTPS" to the ",". I have code working that grabs the first URL perfectly but I am unsure how to loop through and get all the URLS separated out.


Looking for four links formatted like this



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Hi @Steve0 


You want to use a select action. Make sure you turn on text mode for the select and insert the dynamic value for link. It will return and array of links. 


Here is how I solved it for others to leverage


Hi @Steve0 


Just an observation, looks like you're creating markdown, maybe for PVA?  You don't need the HTML to Text step as it removes HTML tags <br> <table> etc from raw HTML.  You are simply dealing with values from an object, which are already text strings in your case.


There is actually a post from this week about achieving this in PVA Solved: Re: PVA Return Sharepoint Files unable to Return I... - Power Platform Community (microsoft....


The select method I mentioned would look as follows:




The output of the select gives you an array of names and links in the markdown format and then you use join() to bring those objects together as a string.



If you want to add a return line to the string, you can join on decodeUriComponent('%0A').  The attached post also shows you how to bullet mark the list - if that's what you are looking for.


I noticed whilst testing this that PowerAutomate will sneakily remove the " " on the select when you return to the flow to edit.  The alternative to the screenshot I have provided is to construct a concat.




broken down that is:


Concat('[', //opening square bracket

item()?['{Name}'], //file name

'](', //closing square bracket and opening bracket

item()?['{Link}'], //file link

')') //closing bracket


Hope that helps with understanding - even if it's not used for your solution right now 🙂



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