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Per User Plan License

Hello experts!

I need your assistance to clarify the licensing term for Power Automate per user plan.

I'm a bit confused when it comes to licensing.

If I have a .NET Web page where the users will fill a form and on submission, I want to trigger a flow for approval.
Is it 1 license using a per-user-plan will be enough? (Around 700 runs on a daily basis).

The above can be an example of a registration webpage from a domain ( where an anonymous user filling a form and the backend of the submit button triggering a flow in Power AUtomate.

I hope you can help me out to understand how to proceed.

Thank you!!

Dual Super User
Dual Super User

Power Automate doesn't have a Per User plan.  It does have a Per Flow plan that will cover up to 5 flows.  The cost is $500 per month for up to 5 flows.  The per user plan is for Power Apps.  If the flow is running based on the submission of a Microsoft Form (not just a web form) then you only need to license the original maker for the flow.  People who interact with the flow to complete approvals would also need to be licensed.  Per app licensing should be sufficient to cover that but you would need one license for each person.

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Hello @Pstork1

Why do people need Per-app licensing to interact with approvals, since they are going to only take an approval decision either approve/reject?

By default, we have 10,000 flow free licenses under our tenant. If I share these licenses with guest users (external users), would it be enough for each guest to apply for the approvals?

Looking forward to your response,


Sorry, let me clarify.  The people approving things need to have the license, not the people who are creating the thing being approved.  The approvers need the license because they will be interacting with the actual flow doing the approval.  Other people will only be interacting with the form that triggers the flow, not the flow itself.

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Thank you for clarifying it, there is still something that I'm unsure about:
Regarding the "Other" people that will interact with approval and not the flow because I am the maker and I will purchase a per-flow pan license to build it. Would it be enough to give them the Power Automate free license ? for them to be able to approve or reject?

In terms of the license required by the Approvers.  It might work to give them a Power Automate free license, but I'm not sure its legal.  Technically if the flow uses a Premium feature then anyone who interacts with the flow requires a Premium license.  But that's a question you need to get an official answer for from whoever you buy your Microsoft licensing from.  I can tell you what I think, but that's not going to help when you get audited.  

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