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Performance: Compare two SPO lists and add missing items to the second list (join better than apply to each)?

I have two lists (both are in SPO now but later the source will be in SQL server).

I want to look at items in the SourceList and compare it to items in the TargetList.  Any items in SourceList and NOT in TargetList I want to add to TargetList.

I've seen solutions like this:  however, they seem to rely on a loop that reads the SourceList and then checks the TargetList one item at a time.

If I used the JOIN() function would that be more performant?  I'm concerned about what happens when the list size starts to grow.

Thank you!

Super User
Super User

@Questions  That is why Tom is using filter query in that post. Though it applies loop but only for filtered items so that it executes faster.

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@Hardesh /

Thank you.

When I attempt to construct the Filter Query it wraps my Get Items step in an "Apply to each"



What am I doing wrong?

I want to follow his example which was to Get items from my target list and then use those to filter my source list (so I only return rows that are not already in the target).

Thank you

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