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Permissions for clients org or work around without the permissions

Apologise if this has already been discussed somewhere, I couldn't seem to find anything that would discuss this with a solution.

Our company is branching out into the digital world. We want to be able to set up automate flows for a client. Naturally to do this I would need to be able to access their organisation to do this. Since this would mean having an account created in their organisation or even just setting me up in their permissions (which may or may not be achievable since I think permissions doesn't allow for any emails to be added to permissions if it is outside of the companies paid domain)


Is there a work around where I can set up a flow, for example to copy and move a file from one location to another in their SharePoint. This flow would require me to set a destination location, but if I don't have the access to their SharePoint to set it I would be unable to do this. Is there a work around to this? Maybe a way to see folders but not files to set locations.

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It would be best for you to have an account in your clients tenant.  The account must have appropriate permissions for the work to be done by the Flow.  If it creates a list item, then you'll need contribute access or higher.

You could create Flows in your environment, export the Flow and then your customer can import.  You would need SharePoint sites that mirror what you customer has.  Once imported, there will be work to be done - your Flows will need to be connected to the new sites, libraries, etc. which can be a lot of work.

Here is a post that explains a bit more.

Using environment variables may help as well

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