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Populating CSV columns with MS Forms responses.

I have a form with multiple multiple-choice sections, and I want to populate a CSV's columns with the options a user selects. Here are my test sections:




I also want to leave blank columns between the populated columns. So if a user selects [Option 1, Option 3, Option 4, other_text] and [Answer 2, Answer 3], the first four columns of the output CSV would look like this:

Select ManyConfirmed?Select a LotConfirmed?
Option 1 Answer 2 
Option 3 Answer 3 
Option 4   



I followed a solution in this post, which got me as far as creating one column displaying the user's answers once. 




I'm having trouble adding multiple columns. 


Here's the flow as things stand.

* I get the row from the form's associated Excel Online sheet

* I get the desired string from its cell, and split it on ';' to format it as an array.

* I pass that array to Create CSV Table, ensuring columns are set as Custom, with a custom header and a value of @item().




I think I need to pass multiple arrays, preferably with headers, but I don't know how to get there. I'll eventually want to populate a single column with data from multiple form responses too. 


Any help or recommended documentation is greatly appreciated. 


New Member

I've got a temporary workaround going that involves a locally-run VBA script, but I still would like some input as to how this can be done entirely in Automate. 


Work Around

1.) Create a "Base Array" that will be filled by a Select flow. 



2.) Fill that Array with a Select flow.



3.) Format the resulting CSV with a VBA script. 

Before: Law_Unprepared_3-1631555440692.png


After: Law_Unprepared_4-1631555486155.png


This gets me the result I'm looking for, but takes an extra step that isn't satisfying. Any input is appreciated. 


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