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Post a message as a flow bot to a channel including a hyperlink no longer working.

We have had multiple flows in production for quite some time and all of them using the Post a message as a flow bot to a channel connector with a hyperlink formatting have stopped working.  The teams message now includes the whole teams channel hyperlink rather than a functional hyperlink.  This had been working for months.


Anyone else seeing this?  I will probably open a ticket however thought maybe someone might tell me something else.  Thanks!


Here is the configuration.  teams.jpgflow21.jpg

And here we can see on 9/14 its working and today it's no longer displaying as a hyperlink.  This is now occurring on multiple flows that had previously been working.





Post Patron
Post Patron

I can validate it was working 10/4 for all flows that used this functionality.  Today is broken for no reason for all the same flows.

Advocate V
Advocate V

Yes, I came here with the same issue. Just started posting the raw URL vs clickable. Exact same issue as @Dudditz 


I have dozens of flows with this formatting. Now all broken. 😫

I have a ticket open with Microsoft and in 3 days they their initial response is generic reply asking to send screenshots of errors, etc.  I have followed up to them with the following details explaining on all the flows that this has stopped working it would appear that the code view is no longer an option, seems to be on any flow using the bot.

If we take a look at the bot actions they no longer have a code option, not sure if they ever did however I can verify the V3 non-bot has a code option and when you insert your hyperlinks into this area it works.  So something has changed where the bot flows no longer work with hyperlinks or supports the code option.  I feel like going back and forth with support here is a waste of time as they are asking me to recreate the flow and send them errors.



Not working with bot actions.














Working with V3 that supports code


Just got a a response from support.  Hopefully we get a fix.


thanks for the update @Dudditz - please keep us apprised of their progress.

Here is the latest response from Microsoft Support

"As the Post, a message as a flow bot to a channel is a preview feature, and still subject to updates this may have been as a result of updates to the functionality of the solution.


My team and I were able to replicate the behavior you reported, and have now begun an escalation process to ascertain if this the expected behavior of the solution or something is just broken.


We would continue to update you on the status of this investigation and advice on how best to proceed."

I had a feeling the "preview" thing would be tossed in there. I hope they fix it though. Thanks for the continued updates @Dudditz 

@EdHansberry  Did you switch your flows over to Post a message (V3) action until we get further action on this?  For now this is what we are doing however not desired as the messages now come from the account that the flow runs under instead of the bot which is what we preferred.

I haven't made any changes. I just alerted users that they may have to copy and paste the URL. I have dozens of flows that would need to be changed, and I am reluctant to do so until there is a clear path forward. 

Hi All, did this get fixed? Or did you find a workaround?

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