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Power Automate Browser Extension

I installed Power Automate on my computer and then decided I didn't want it and uninstalled it. Now its browser extensions are installing on all my browsers. I would've thought that would've uninstalled with the application, but I guess not. How do I get rid of the extension on a system level?

Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Hi @JacksonCampbell  


What browser are you using?


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Every browser, but that's irrelevant. My request is about where to find the extension and delete it on the system level.

Super User
Super User

Hello @JacksonCampbell 


Hope you are able to see them in the extension section of the browsers where you can remove them from.


"Remove an extension from Microsoft Edge" section of below link

Add, turn off, or remove extensions in Microsoft Edge


"Uninstall extension section" of below link

Install and manage extensions - Chrome Web Store Help (


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I'm not asking how to remove them from my browser. I need to know how to uninstall it on a system level so it doesn't keep installing itself on all my browsers. I want the files gone.

Hi @JacksonCampbell 


Extensions are added at a browser level and not saved at a system level. Therefore I have shared the browser links.

Are you getting back those extensions even after removing them from the browsers/settings?

Extensions can and do come from the system, historic of malware, Google Drive, different Microsoft programs such as Skype and Power Automate. The files must be found locally and deleted before they stop installing themselves into the browser. Extensions in malware often come are a rootkit and will not only affect one computer but transfer over to others without any user action.

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Super User

Hi @JacksonCampbell 


Never experienced automatic addition of Extensions without asking for user permission.




Possible that you may be referring to something other than extensions.

Probably someone might be able to help you on this thread.


No. I know exactly what I'm talking about. You're talking about when you click to install an extension and it confirms with you. I'm talking about when files on your computer install extensions without your instruction.

Okay if I come across a thread with a similar issue and has an answer I will point you its link.

And if this post of yours has an answer I will direct it to others.



Sounds good, thanks.

I have the same problem.  Power Automate was uninstalled since I have no use for it but every time I create a new profile in Chrome or Edge it tries to install the extension.  It is lurking somewhere on my system and trying to install itself constantly.

Hi @Rayke 


Since this is not just about Power Automate extension and it is also about any browser extension which many users are facing, a web search on "browser extensions keep on installing themselves" is returning many results. Could you check them out and see which solution works in your kind of scenario.



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Except that it is about the Power Automate extension.  I don't have this issue with any other extensions.  I got rid of it with Chrome by uninstalling Chrome and wiping out all of the Google user data manually.  I can't uninstall Edge.   I saw some other conversations about situations like this and none of them were helpful.  I regularly create and delete profiles in Edge to do web development debugging.  This extension installs every time even after trying the methods to stop it that I found on other sites before I made my post here.  No other extensions do this.

In that case you can submit the bug here. At least it will give a chance to report the same to MSFT.


No, this is only about the Power Automate extension. It acts like a root kit.

There are other extensions that do this, and that is when downloads install spam extensions and programs that take over your computer like a root kit.

Pretty sure that's what this thread is.

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This is not a bug in Power Automate. It is a forced extension install by Windows.  I just installed the Vivaldi Browser for the first time ever on this machine.  Guess what?  The Power Automate extension installed automatically without even being asked.  At least it was not enabled by default, but it was installed without permission or any notification.

I know.

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