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Power Automate Designer - Low Code, Novice and Citizen Developer Feedback

The Power Automate Designer team would love to hear feedback from the perspective of novice Power Automate users, citizen developers and low coders on their experience with Power Automate Designer. When designing flows, what do they struggle most with? If this sounds like something you’ve heard someone mention, please forward them this pre-screening survey to complete:


@kishbuy238 and team are interested in hosting a screen-sharing session to identify opportunities to improve the experience. This survey will be open through to August.

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Hi Anna, I work for the US Army as a government civilian and am new to Power Automate and Power Apps. I have a macro-enabled Excel file that I can no longer use due to Army policy as a result of upgrading from Office 365 to Microsoft 365. We are no longer authorized to run macro-enabled files on our shared networks or our desktops. The Excel file has a worksheet with a form that users in my Army enterprise fill out on their desktops, with other worksheets used to auto populate the main form when the user choose when they click on a cell in one or two worksheets containing the data that auto populates the form. There are also pop-up windows that guide the user through filling out the form. VBA code was used to open and close pop-up windows,  open and close the worksheets the user will click on to select the record with the data used to auto populate the main form, and auto  populate the form with the select data. I do not have Power Automate Desktop. I only have the App. Can I replicate the Excel file using Power Automate or other Microsoft 365 Apps without using macros? I will search this Community, but if you can help point me in the right direction, I am available on Teams at Thanks in advance for whatever help you can provide. Sincerely, Roger 




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Correction on the second statement. We upgraded from Office 2016, not Office 365, to Microsoft 365.

Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Sending e-mails to a SharePoint group is a struggle and should be as easy as it is with SharePoint Designer workflows. However, Power Automate requires you to go through what is outlined in this video to achieve the same result: (1) Power Automate get SharePoint Group Members & flow... - Power Platform Community (

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Super User

It will be better if owner of the flow can lock specific flows with the password or pin.


Hi @RogerG_TRADOC I'm trying to find the right person to help you at Microsoft - stand by!

Advocate IV
Advocate IV

Fix your f*cking ALM. We are so sick of it. It has cost us tens of thousands fighting this crap. No-one is assisting and we are about to abandon the Power Platform because of your disgraceful ALM.

Promoting the most basic of connections from Dev to Test to Prod environments DOES NOT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For SharePoint, SQL, etc it is so fragile as to be useless. Error after error after error..............

Solution Sage
Solution Sage

The documentation Microsoft provides for Power Automate is often confusing and does not provide enough details or give examples of how various settings or connectors should be used. For example, there is an action named Get Connector, it's description on is, "Get the given connector in an environment." The scant information provided is of no use to a beginner and forces them to do a lot of web searching just to find out the exact purpose of a function, action or connector.



Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Dealing with Time Zones

A Bing search of "dealing with time zones in Power Automate" returns over 2.3 billion results. 


The first result describes how to deal with this issue on an individual basis, which is great if you are creating a flow just for yourself. But it is not helpful for a problem I have, which I will describe. 


I am developing a solution for our sales people to book appointments in our virtual design centers. The sales people, as well as our customers are located around the world. We have virtual design centers in multiple countries. All this leads to dealing with multiple times zones for one request. We might have a salesperson in California who needs to book a session in the Chicago design center for a customer in Hawaii, and the credentials of the person in IT who developed the Power Automate solution is in Germany. Four time zones for one request.


When a request is submitted the sales person chooses the date and time for the virtual meeting. The flow kicks off and checks the shared calendar of the specified design center for conflicts. If there are no conflicts, it adds the meeting to the shared calendar, and then sends a notification to the salesperson, the design center and the customer that the meeting has been booked. How do we send an e-mail so each person sees the date and time of the meeting in their time zone? And what time zone should be specified in the create event action?


Digital computers have been around since 1945, so it is time for big tech to come up with a solution for dealing with a global economy where people interact with one another from around the world. My suggestion would be that all dates are saved behind the scenes in UCT (Universal Coordinated Time) but are displayed everywhere (e.g, Word, Excel, Outlook, Edge, etc.) in the time zone of the user based on the time zone of their device. We shouldn't have to do any conversions of time zones, it should be seamless and automatic.

As a total Power Automate novice, I wholeheartedly agree.


  • Please do a better job of explaining in simple, non-programmer English about the differences between Power Automate Desktop, Power Automate when accessed through MS Teams, and Power Automate when accessed from
  • Please give clearer examples of what types of projects each is appropriate for.
  • Please more clearly identify which of these ... versions?  applications? ... is being discussed.  I try following steps but find the material doesn't apply to what I have open.  (This problem isn't limited to MS resources; most other sources don't make it clear which flavor they're discussing.)

I've written command procedures, Excel macros, rudimentary PowerShell scripts, but I can't get off Square One with this application.  I haven't found a reference yet that matches what I see on the screen.

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Hey, I'm super new to this, so pardon me if I am missing something, but I can't seem to find a way to skip the undeletable files when trying to delete files from a folder, here is a screenshot to understand better: 



These are the files I want to skip: 



Also, I called them undeletable files in the sense that they are running in the background. hence I can't delete them without disturbing my work, thanks! and sorry If I'm being super silly. 😛

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Definitely will share this survey with colleagues of mine, I strongly believe that power automate needs to be improved to compete with other automation tools out there. Looking forward for the screen-sharing sessions

Helper I
Helper I

Thanks for asking for feedback. I'm quite enjoying exploring the ecosystem. There are a few things that would make life easier, particularly with cloud flows...


The implementation of more complex data types like array and object seems a little underdeveloped when coming from scripting languages. You can't append an array to an array (even though Graph API endpoints often require 2D arrays in the request body) and you can't check if a key exists in an object, or even get a list of keys in an object.


Some properties are hard to get to. When looking at planner tasks, to get the name of the bucket that the task is in you have to get the buckets for that plan, make a lookup object with ids/names and then find the name by looking up the id. The situation gets worse with plans. To get the name of the plan that a task is in, you have to get the plan id from the task, look that up with a Graph call and then parse the JSON response. If you want to get the text that a task has been tagged with (not just the colour of the tag) it is similarly complicated.


It doesn't seem to be possible to access excel table cells by index - the data that gets returned in "get rows" is an un-iterable object. We can't add rows by index or to the start of a table, but again both of these are possible when using Graph.


It may be easier to do those things somehow, but I can't see how.


I hope that you are building more of the Graph API functionality into Flow as there are some very handy things in Graph that do not exist in flow. Making an HTTP request is not a big deal but it does add extra steps.


That's all I can think of for the moment. Thanks again for your work 🙂

Advocate II
Advocate II

Hi @AnnaChu, the clipboard actions usually doesn't work and a help (autocomplete or something like that) to build expressions.


Helper II
Helper II

Hi Anna!


One of the biggest issues I face is using loops within loops. Accessing dynamic content within a loop within a loop is impossible without initializing a million variables or parsing through each string. I'm fairly new to Power Automate, so there may be workarounds for loops within loops, but I have to solve it on a per project basis. I also just don't know why I can't access dynamic content or compose strings from apply to each items inside of loops. 

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As a novice to the Power Apps, I would appreciate (in addition to the Learning Center program on this) an easy, simple video explaining when to use what Power app and the differences in purpose between the apps.

Helper II
Helper II

I'm probably not part of the ideal target audience but I train people who are so I'm going to share some of the feedback that I've received:
- Knowing what the actions are called can become tricky. Some are really intuitive, others aren't (especially for novice users): Possible fix - possibly adding more training to MS learn to explain how the naming conventions work and what to search for when the user isn't sure what exactly the item is called (switch is a good example)

- Knowing where the data is stored and following what can be used from actions further up

- Understanding when to use scopes

- Understanding how to deal with errors - although the feedback is quite intuitive but connection errors are notoriously tough to fix, even for experienced developers.

- Not necessarily a designer specific item but it definitely relates... The biggest pain point with scaling solutions (sometimes created by citizen devs or novices) is the licensing impact because it is not the responsibility of beginners to know what standards and best practises are essential to reducing licensing costs. Licensing is unnecessarily complex and fixing that would fix a lot of problems and encourage more people to actually scale on this platform

Advocate II
Advocate II

Seems like just having a few examples for dynamics 365 users would be helpful. I am trying to create a simple manual flow that for selected leads to create a contact. I can do it in minutes with workflow but flows I don't even know which flow to start with?

I solved this so if you want a flow to add to your templates I now have a Create Contact from Lead.  Could you help me solve the null Source Campaign lookup though...bc it looks up logical name the "get row by id" doesn't help with that critical lead/contact D365/M365 poweruser!  Oh and give me automated emails with sequences for contacts pls.  

What is an ALM?

Helpful resources


Summer of Solutions | Week 3 Results | Win free tickets to the Power Platform Conference

We are excited to announce the Summer of Solutions Challenge!    This challenge is kicking off on Monday, June 17th and will run for (4) weeks.  The challenge is open to all Power Platform (Power Apps, Power Automate, Copilot Studio & Power Pages) community members. We invite you to participate in a quest to provide solutions to as many questions as you can. Answers can be provided in all the communities.    Entry Period: This Challenge will consist of four weekly Entry Periods as follows (each an “Entry Period”)   - 12:00 a.m. PT on June 17, 2024 – 11:59 p.m. PT on June 23, 2024 - 12:00 a.m. PT on June 24, 2024 – 11:59 p.m. PT on June 30, 2024 - 12:00 a.m. PT on July 1, 2024 – 11:59 p.m. PT on July 7, 2024 - 12:00 a.m. PT on July 8, 2024 – 11:59 p.m. PT on July 14, 2024   Entries will be eligible for the Entry Period in which they are received and will not carryover to subsequent weekly entry periods.  You must enter into each weekly Entry Period separately.   How to Enter: We invite you to participate in a quest to provide "Accepted Solutions" to as many questions as you can. Answers can be provided in all the communities. Users must provide a solution which can be an “Accepted Solution” in the Forums in all of the communities and there are no limits to the number of “Accepted Solutions” that a member can provide for entries in this challenge, but each entry must be substantially unique and different.    Winner Selection and Prizes: At the end of each week, we will list the top ten (10) Community users which will consist of: 5 Community Members & 5 Super Users and they will advance to the final drawing. We will post each week in the News & Announcements the top 10 Solution providers.  At the end of the challenge, we will add all of the top 10 weekly names and enter them into a random drawing.  Then we will randomly select ten (10) winners (5 Community Members & 5 Super Users) from among all eligible entrants received across all weekly Entry Periods to receive the prize listed below. If a winner declines, we will draw again at random for the next winner.  A user will only be able to win once overall. If they are drawn multiple times, another user will be drawn at random.  Individuals will be contacted before the announcement with the opportunity to claim or deny the prize.  Once all of the winners have been notified, we will post in the News & Announcements of each community with the list of winners.   Each winner will receive one (1) Pass to the Power Platform Conference in Las Vegas, Sep. 18-20, 2024 ($1800 value). NOTE: Prize is for conference attendance only and any other costs such as airfare, lodging, transportation, and food are the sole responsibility of the winner. Tickets are not transferable to any other party or to next year’s event.   ** PLEASE SEE THE ATTACHED RULES for this CHALLENGE**   Week 1 Results: Congratulations to the Week 1 qualifiers, you are being entered in the random drawing that will take place at the end of the challenge.   Community MembersNumber SolutionsSuper UsersNumber Solutions Deenuji 9 @NathanAlvares24  17 @Anil_g  7 @ManishSolanki  13 @eetuRobo  5 @David_MA  10 @VishnuReddy1997  5 @SpongYe  9JhonatanOB19932 (tie) @Nived_Nambiar  8 @maltie  2 (tie)   @PA-Noob  2 (tie)   @LukeMcG  2 (tie)   @tgut03  2 (tie)       Week 2 Results: Congratulations to the Week 2 qualifiers, you are being entered in the random drawing that will take place at the end of the challenge. Week 2: Community MembersSolutionsSuper UsersSolutionsPower Automate  @Deenuji  12@ManishSolanki 19 @Anil_g  10 @NathanAlvares24  17 @VishnuReddy1997  6 @Expiscornovus  10 @Tjan  5 @Nived_Nambiar  10 @eetuRobo  3 @SudeepGhatakNZ 8     Week 3 Results: Congratulations to the Week 3 qualifiers, you are being entered in the random drawing that will take place at the end of the challenge. Week 3:Community MembersSolutionsSuper UsersSolutionsPower Automate Deenuji32ManishSolanki55VishnuReddy199724NathanAlvares2444Anil_g22SudeepGhatakNZ40eetuRobo18Nived_Nambiar28Tjan8David_MA22  

Copilot Cookbook Challenge | WINNERS ANNOUNCED | Win Tickets to the Power Platform Conference

We are excited to announce the "The Copilot Cookbook Community Challenge random winners have been selected for the Challenge.  Thank you to everyone who participated in this challenge.    Copilot Cookbook Gallery:Power Apps Cookbook Gallery: 1. @swaminawale  1. @renatoromao     2.  @SpongYe  2.   @nickpotts10  *Please note if for any reason a winner declines, we will have another random drawing.   Check out all of the Cookbook Submissions: 1. Copilot Studio Cookbook Gallery: 2. Power Apps Copilot Cookbook Gallery:   There will be 5 chances to qualify for the final drawing: Early Bird Entries: March 1 - June 2Week 1: June 3 - June 9Week 2: June 10 - June 16Week 3: June 17 - June 23Week 4: June 24 - June 30WINNERS ANNOUNCED - JULY 8th     At the end of each week, we will draw 5 random names from every user who has posted a qualifying Copilot Studio template, sample or demo in the Copilot Studio Cookbook or a qualifying Power Apps Copilot sample or demo in the Power Apps Copilot Cookbook. Users who are not drawn in a given week will be added to the pool for the next week. Users can qualify more than once, but no more than once per week. Four winners will be drawn at random from the total qualifying entrants. If a winner declines, we will draw again at random for the next winner.  A user will only be able to win once. If they are drawn multiple times, another user will be drawn at random. Prizes:  One Pass to the Power Platform Conference in Las Vegas, Sep. 18-20, 2024 ($1800 value, does not include travel, lodging, or any other expenses) Winners are also eligible to do a 10-minute presentation of their demo or solution in a community solutions showcase at the event. To qualify for the drawing, templates, samples or demos must be related to Copilot Studio or a Copilot feature of Power Apps, Power Automate, or Power Pages, and must demonstrate or solve a complete unique and useful business or technical problem. Power Automate and Power Pagers posts should be added to the Power Apps Cookbook. Final determination of qualifying entries is at the sole discretion of Microsoft. Weekly updates and the Final random winners will be posted in the News & Announcements section in the communities on July 29th, 2024. Did you submit entries early?  Early Bird Entries March 1 - June 2:  If you posted something in the "early bird" time frame complete this form: if you would like to be entered in the challenge. Early Bird Submissions: @renato Week 1 Results:  Congratulations to the Week 1 qualifiers, you are being entered in the random drawing that will take place at the end of the challenge. Copilot Cookbook Gallery:Power Apps Cookbook Gallery:1.  @Mathieu_Paris 1.   @SpongYe 2.  n/a2.   @Deenuji 3.  n/a3.   @Nived_Nambiar  4.  n/a4.   @ManishSolanki 5.  n/a5.    n/a   Week 2 Results:  Congratulations to the Week 2 qualifiers, you are being entered in the random drawing that will take place at the end of the challenge. Copilot Cookbook Gallery:Power Apps Cookbook Gallery:1. Kasun_Pathirana1. ManishSolanki2. cloudatica2. madlad3. n/a3. SpongYe4. n/a4. n/a5. n/a5. n/a     Week 3 Results:  Congratulations to the Week 3 qualifiers, you are being entered in the random drawing that will take place at the end of the challenge. Copilot Cookbook Gallery:Power Apps Cookbook Gallery:1. Parul_Yadav_Neo1. n/a2. SpongYe2. n/a3. n/a3. n/a4. n/a4. n/a5. n/a5. n/a   Week 4 Results:  Congratulations to the Week 4 qualifiers, you are being entered in the random drawing that will take place at the end of the challenge.   Copilot Cookbook Gallery:Power Apps Cookbook Gallery:1. @nickpotts10  1. @ShrushtiShah  2. @Suniti_0020 2. @swaminawale 3. n/a3. @farukhis786 4. n/a4. @ManishSolanki  5. n/a5.  n/a

Important Update for Community Platform Access | READ ONLY July 16-22nd

Dear Community Members,   We'd like to let you know of an upcoming change to the community platform: starting July 16th, the platform will transition to a READ ONLY mode until July 22nd.   During this period, members will not be able to Kudo, Comment, or Reply to any posts.   On July 22nd, please be on the lookout for a message sent to the email address registered on your community profile. This email is crucial as it will contain your unique code and link to register for the new platform encompassing all of the communities.   What to Expect in the New Community: A more unified experience where all products, including Power Apps, Power Automate, Copilot Studio, and Power Pages, will be accessible from one community.Community Blogs that you can syndicate and link to for automatic updates. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation during this transition. Stay tuned for the exciting new features and a seamless community experience ahead!

Tuesday Tip | How to Become a Community Blog Author

It's time for another TUESDAY TIPS, your weekly connection with the most insightful tips and tricks that empower both newcomers and veterans in the Power Platform Community! Every Tuesday, we bring you a curated selection of the finest advice, distilled from the resources and tools in the Community. Whether you’re a seasoned member or just getting started, Tuesday Tips are the perfect compass guiding you across the dynamic landscape of the Power Platform Community.   This Week's Topic: How to Become a Community Blog Author We want YOU to be part of the community blog! Sharing your knowledge of Power Platform is an essential part of our community! Here's why:   It helps create a vibrant and dynamic community of makers who can learn from each other’s experiences and insights.It provides a platform for collaboration and innovation, where members can share their ideas and work together to develop new solutions.It helps promote Power Platform by showcasing its capabilities and real-world applications.It helps build trust and credibility in the community because you are providing valuable information and resources your fellow community members can use to improve their skills and knowledge. By sharing your knowledge of Power Platform in the community blog, you help us create a more engaged and informed community, better equipped to tackle complex challenges. To get started with blogging across the Power Platform communities, please visit the following links:   Power Apps: Power Automate: Copilot Studios: Pages:   When you follow the link, look for a button like the one below on the right rail of your community blog, and let us know you're interested. We can't wait to connect with you and help you get started. Thanks for being part of our incredible community--and thanks for becoming part of the community blog!  

June 2024 Community Newsletter

It's time for the June Community Newsletter, where we highlight the latest news, product releases, upcoming events, and the amazing work of our outstanding Community members.   If you're new to the Community, please make sure to follow the latest News & Announcements and check out the Community on LinkedIn as well! It's the best way to stay up-to-date with all the news from across Microsoft Power Platform and beyond.    COMMUNITY HIGHLIGHTS   Check out the most active community members of the last month! These hardworking members are posting regularly, answering questions, kudos, and providing top solutions in their communities. We are so thankful for each of you--keep up the great work! If you hope to see your name here next month, follow these awesome community members to see what they do!   Power AppsPower AutomateCopilot StudioPower PagesWarrenBelzcreativeopinionExpiscornovus Fubar AmikNived_NambiarPstork1OliverRodriguesmmbr1606ManishSolankifernandosilvaragavanrajanBCBuizerExpiscornovusrenatoromaoLucas001timlAlexEncodianViswavEmadBeshaiDBO_DVDeenujiUmiantaChrist0fGochixVishnuReddy1997citron-trucmandelaVishalJhaverieetuRoboJohanTprathyooanandm08VictorIvanidzenicoxrfm1964shashankbhidepaulbeck1 rpaa   LATEST NEWS Summer of Solutions 2024 The Summer of Solutions challenge kicked off this month - an amazing Microsoft Community initiative to win free tickets to the Power Platform Community Conferencethis September in Las Vegas. The challenge is NOW OPEN to all #PowerPlatform community members and will consist of four weekly entry periods until July 14th, 2024. Click the image below to find out more on how you can win free tickets to #PPCC24 by entering the Summer of Solutions TODAY!   Microsoft Customer Stories We're constantly working with an array of great businesses across the globe to assist them in taking advantage of the latest business applications technology. If you'd like to find out more about their low code journeys, click the image below to view our playlist of Customer Stories to discover how Accenture, Lumen Technologies, Cineplex, and many more, are streamlining their business processes with Microsoft Power Platform.     Microsoft Leap Program Have you heard of Microsoft Leap - a global program designed to recruit, develop, and upskill unconventional talent for careers in the tech space. Microsoft Leap organizes a number of pathways into the industry, including the recent "NFL Legend Cohort - Technical Program Management" run jointly with the NFL Player Care Foundation (PCF) who are dedicated to helping retired players improve their quality of life. Click the image below to find out more about the great day shared at the Redmond campus and be sure to visit the Microsoft Leap website to discover how this amazing initiative is helping re-launch the lives of countless individuals.       UPCOMING EVENTS Biz Apps Partner Summit | Seattle | July 24-25 It's not long now until the Biz Apps Partner Summit, which takes place at the Hilton Bellevue in Seattle on July 24-25, 2024. This event is the perfect place to network, connect, and learn how to scale your Microsoft practice, drive profitable revenue, and dazzle your customers! There's a great selection of speakers, including the likes of Tom Patterson, Donald Kossmann Joseph Corigliano, Cecilia Flombaum, Peter Jensen, John Siefert, Becky Lymberis, Daniel Rippey, and many more. Click the image below to find out more and register today!     TechCon365 & Power Platform Conference | D.C. | August 12-16 Things are hotting up for the next TechCon365 & PWRCON Conference in Washington D.C. on August 12-16, 2024. Featuring the likes of Tamara Bredemus, Sunny Eltepu, Lindsay Shelton, Brian Alderman, Daniel Glenn, Julie Turner, Jim Novak, John White, Jason Himmelstein, Luc Labelle, Emily Mancini, MVP, UXMC, Fabian Williams, Emma Wiehe,and many more, this is the perfect event for those that are looking to gain invaluable insights from industry experts. Click the image below to grab your tickets today!     Power Platform Community Conference | Vegas | Sept. 18-20th Are you ready to come and join the fun in Las Vegas this September at PPCC24? This event is the perfect place to connect with fellow business applications enthusiasts and share your knowledge with the worldwide Microsoft Community. Now's your chance to hold all the aces. Just click the image below to find out more and we hope to see you go ALL-IN this September in Las Vegas!     For more events, click the image below to visit the Community Days website.  

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We're embarking on a journey to enhance your experience by transitioning to a new community platform. Our team has been diligently working to create a fresh community site, leveraging the very Dynamics 365 and Power Platform tools our community advocates for.  We started this journey with transitioning Copilot Studio forums and blogs in June. The move marks the beginning of a new chapter, and we're eager for you to be a part of it. The rest of the Power Platform product sites will be moving over this summer.   Stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to the launch. We can't wait to welcome you to our new community space, designed with you in mind. Let's connect, learn, and grow together.   Here's to new beginnings and endless possibilities!   If you have any questions, observations or concerns throughout this process please go to   To stay up to date on the latest details of this migration and other important Community updates subscribe to our News and Announcements forums: Copilot Studio, Power Apps, Power Automate, Power Pages

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