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Power Automate Flows set to Activity Suspended Every Week

I have 5 power Automate Flows I build over a year ago to automate some personal processes, basically reading Gmail entries and then creating Todoist Tasks when criteria are met. They run fine, no errors, and for months everything was good. Then, several months ago, I found they were not running. They had been set to Activity Suspended. I restarted, and a week later they were suspended again.


This is happening every week. I restart them and all is good for 7 days. What am I missing? I am running under a personal plan with my Microsoft Account.  Any ideas welcome...!

New Member

Hello @kbuchanan5579, it sounds like you're experiencing the same thing I am. I have two flows that read email messages from a Gmail account and posts them to a channel in Slack. They show up as Activity Suspended, I enable them and a week later they're suspended again. Have you made any progress on this?

No, nothing yet. Hoping someone has some ideas....

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Bummer, me too. So to start, I recreated one of my simpler flows yesterday and will see if it suspends itself next week…

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I can confirm that the freshly made flow suspended itself after one week. I'm wondering if it is something to do with consumer Gmail accounts. I've now created a connection to my GSuite/Workspace account and am trying this again.

I tried the same thing and can confirm the same thing happens. Guess I'll be moving these to IFTT or Zapier.... 😞

Yeah it is unfortunate…

So I built a flow that cycles through my flows each night and turns them back on - we'll see how that works 🙂

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