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Power Automate, Sharepoint, Forms and Flow integration

Hi all,


I am attempting to set up a multi-step approval flow for a publishing workspace with the following provisos (which as far as I can tell, can't be done wholly within the Approvals app).

  • Form submittal triggers the flow. 
    The data required is input, however, one field is giving me headaches. In most cases a single URL is all that is needed, but we have the occassional approval that has several URLs. The related folders are all stored on the company Box drive and related links are obtained and pasted into the relevant fields in the form.
  • The Flow creates a Sharepoint list showing all the enterred fields, including the URLs.

This is where the flow comes unstuck. A link appears in the sharepoint list, however, it isn't connecting correctly. After some poking around I can see that each URL needs to be separated somehow, but I have no clue how to go about it.
Considering there may only be one URL, setting and appending a variable seemed to be the solution, but I get errors as each URL is originally a separate field in the Form, making it impossible to append different variables to the same output.
Do I need to change the Form format, or is there a method for the flow to differentiate between single or multipple URLs, but keep the same outcomes?


Accepted Solutions

Problem solved using the above coded variable, the URLs were dead due to my absent-mindedness in setting the was only initialised in the above example.

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Super User

@GregGregory  are you storing multiple Urls in One SharePoint column? Kindly Share screens.

Please 'Thumbs Up' the posts that helped you and 'Accept as Solution' if my post answered your question.

@Hardesh /


Hi Hardesh15,

I am not able to store multiples at the moment, but am attempting to accomplish that.

Our editiorial team and the preson submitting an approval request need to be able to see the details for each approval, including the URL, or mutliple URLs, which contain work(s) under review for approval.
This field is the only one that may have only a single entry, or multiple entries.

I've just been informed that we can use multiple URLs in the chat message which is being generated as part of the automated flow. To accomodate this, I've created variables for up to 5 links (the same amount that can be input in the form) and composed them into one coded variable (see below)


This then gets output into the powerautomate chat with the relevant parties mentioned (using the below example)


When the chat comes through, the links appear correctly, but don't actually connect to anything (clicking them doesn't open the browser/path)


I know this is almost fixed, but have no clue what is missing in order to make those URLs live.

Problem solved using the above coded variable, the URLs were dead due to my absent-mindedness in setting the was only initialised in the above example.

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