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Power Automate approval with Attachments

I am trying to add an attachment to the Power Automate Approval using append array. However, it fails on the content bytes. 


Has anyone successfully attached an item from sharepoint to the power automate approval connector?

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Hey @WarrenBelz - Thank you for the update, but I was able to figure it out awhile ago.

wonder why both are not using the same key, any suggestion if were to use both Email and Approval with attachments?

Thank you this solution looks great. However, i cannot get it to work - even though there is no error message, the attachments in MS Teams approvals do simply not show up. Does this work for you for a new flow as of 2022?


Thanks & Best regards

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For Approval action we need to pass the JSON differently to the Attachments,



  "Name": "@{items('Apply_to_each')?['DisplayName']}",
  "content": {
    "$content-type": "@{body('Get_attachment_content')['$content-type']}",
    "$content": "@{body('Get_attachment_content')['$content']}"



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Thanks for taking the time to reply. Yes that's exactly the code I used - yet where the attachment shows up in the email generated by approvals, it does not show up in the Teams Client 'Approvals App' (no attachments visible)... 

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I'm working on a power automate flow for a group form, that when submit (with attachments) it goes to an approval workflow with the attachments... The videos I've watched has the 'get file content' from OneDrive at the point of Add an action in the screen shot, but the docs are in the group SharePoint site  and 'get file content' from SharePoint isn't working. 

Any help, much appreciated.  



What JSON worked for you? I am trying this and I am not able to solve it

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How to add dynamic attachments in Send Email/Approval Action - 365 Stack


I used this one but with questionsmark in between. Now it works.


Original expression I tried as noted in this thread:   body('Get_attachment_content')['$content']

Updated working expression:  


"$content-type": body('Get_attachment_content')?['$content'-type]

"$content": body('Get_attachment_content')?['$content']



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