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Power Automate for Teachers - Using Teams, Forms and Excel to create automated markbook

I have recently become aware of PowerAutomate and am wondering if it might be possible use it to help populate a markbook that tracks not only the grades of my students, but also populates the results of students that those in my department teach.


Essentially, I would like to know if it is possible to do the following:


  1. When members are added to a Team could PowerAutomate take the student email identifier and name and add it to an Excel sheet and populate it with their class details (i.e. which teaching group they are in and subject etc).
  2. When an assignment is set, can PowerAutomate take the mark received in the assignment and be set to automatically populate the markbook by adding a column to the markbook, correctly match the result with the student and add it to the column. (as well as autoupdate should the mark in assignments be changed)
  3. Can this process also be set up with Microsoft Forms?

I would really value any help and am happy to provide more context/visuals if that is helpful, or if someone can point me to a channel that is already looking into this. I have tried to find some things on YouTube, but the majority of applications are business focused (understandably so).

Many thanks in advance for any help/ideas 




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