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Power Automate to generate email one time to customer

Hi All,


I have built a flow whereby our customer should get notified of an survey date being booked when the item is modified with the condition "has column changed: Survey Date" however my flow seems to run every time any item is changed.  Can someone advise me where I am going wrong on this?


Please see below my flow:




Thanks in advance


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Super User

Hello @KJN1000 ,


When you work on a Flow which triggers on item modified, you get a warning saying that there is a possibility of the Flow being running in an infinite loop.


Below are some of the options you can implement to prevent this

  1. Maintain a Flag in the List, lets assume it's initial value as blank. When you update the item from flow, update this flag to 'Yes' and add either a Trigger Condition or a condition in your Flow to check for the Flag and run only if it's not equal to 'Yes'
  2. If you are using a specific service account for Creating your Flows, you can add a trigger condition to run the Flows only when Modified By is not equal to the service account

Let me know how it goes for you with these options.

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Hi NiloferA, 

Thanks for getting back to me.


When you say flag do you mean a yes/no check box in the list?






Hello Katie,


You can either add Yes/No field or a Single Line of Text, both of these will work. Something to keep in mind, Yes/No column is a Boolean field internally so in the Flow you will have to compare true/false values and if you are using a Single Line of Text field then you can simply compare with Yes string.



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