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Power point and excel download using flow or automate

Hi, I am new to power Automate or flows

i have 2 question 1) is it possible with flow or power Automate, i can download power BI dashboard to power Point?

any guidance on this will be really helpful, if a step by step instruction is available that will be really helpul to start with 


2) there is a internal SharePoint for which i don't have full control(as a result i cannot connect power bi to sharepoint) and the only access i have is to download the reports available there.

is it possible to automate the downloading of that report from that SharePoint using power Automate/flow?

if yes, can i get some guidance to try?

Helper II
Helper II

Hello vjninod,


1) - it is possible to do within the application, yes. However...


2) ...the only trigger/action(s) for Power BI at this point are the following:




Since this connector is in Preview, there's a good chance we will get additional actions/triggers in the very near future.


(Please accept any helpful answers!)

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thank you for this

so what you are saying is, its not possible?


the document what you sent to me is that something i am aware on how to go to power BI service and download the reports to power point


what i am asking is, is there anyway i can automate that process of downloading from power BI services reports to power point?


The article shows you how to do the process other words, I know it's possible? However, since there are only a limited amount of triggers/actions within the Flow connector, I'm unaware of how to accomplish this with the BI connector in its current state.


Now, if you can get that PowerPoint slide into a SharePoint folder, for example, you have myriad options from there to manipulate's just the initial action to get the deck from Power BI that isn't possible with Flow (yet)


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thank you so i understand this is not possible.

i actually wanted to setup a PowerPoint generator, so thought of using power BI plus(for power point automation) + flow (to bring power bi reports to power point

Good idea.


Let us know if you get it sorted. Would love to see your solution!

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