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Resident Rockstar
Resident Rockstar

Powerapps Flow Call Not updating

I added a parameter to pass from powerapps into my flow.  No amount of deleting the flow from my powerapp, saving it, closing it, etc will resolve the problem.  Add the .run() flow call back in, and the new item never shows up in powerapps to pass.  


I do a Save-As to the Flow


Same deal... now, all i get is the first item i had in the flow being requested in the .run() call.  I add the others back, and they never appear.


its this kind of crap that slows me down more than anything.  I'm so not impressed.  


Need help ASAP.

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @ martinav,


Could you please share a screenshot of the configuration of your flow?


Do you want to pass the new added parameter from powerapps into your flow?


The flow couldn't update the parameter from powerapps automatically when a new parameter is added in powerapps currently.

If you would like the flow to update the parameter from powerapps in your flow automatically when a new parameter is added in powerapps, please submit an idea to Flow Ideas Forum:


You could take a try to delete the trigger in your flow or recreate a new flow to see if the issue still exists.


Please let me if your problem is solved.


Alice Zhang

Yes, I did delete the trigger out of the powerapp, and re-add.  To no avail.



Hi @ martinav,


Do you mean the field in "Update item" action wouldn't refreashed when you add a column in the sharepoint list?

The "Update item" action wouldn't refreashed automatically when you add a column in the sharepoint list.


If you mean the field in "Update item" action wouldn't refreashed when you add a column in the sharepoint list, you could delete the "Update item" action and recreate the action in your flow.



You could also take a try to create a new flow to see if the issue still exists.


Please let me if your problem is solved.


Alice Zhang

What happens is that I add another parameter to update in the Update Item action (Using "Ask in Powerapps"), then when I go to powerapps, my .run() command does not show the parameter added.  If I try to add it to my command, it just says "Invalid Number of Arguments".


I ended up getting this working.  I had to "Save As" the flow for a third time.  (The second time also yeilded same problem, but different parameters were missing).  When I did the "Save As", I added the flow into the powerapp again, and all of the proper parameters were in teh .run() command.

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Hi Everyone,


I am also having the same issue right now. I create a flow and then add the Powerapps items. But when it comes to identifying the parameters on the formula bar, it shows .run() and the error message says "expecting 0 variables, 3 was taken."

You may find the related captures below.  Your helps would be kindly appreciated. 

Thanks,flow 2.pngpowerapps 2.png





The biggest shock that might get the flow to resest the requirements is to delete it from your connections, and re-adding it.  This does NOT work to get rid of "extra" items... but to trigger new items, it does work.  Here is how you do it:


1.  Go to "View" and pick Data Sources.


2019-01-09 08_07_25-ECN - Engineering - PowerApps.png

2. Find your flow on the right, pick the "..." then "Remove"

2019-01-09 08_11_57-ECN - Engineering - PowerApps.png


3.  Go to "Action" and "Flows"

 2019-01-09 08_13_43-ECN - Engineering - PowerApps.png


4. Re-select your Flow from the list that appears on the right.  **WARNING***  When you select the flow, it will clear out one of the controls.  This is where you need to be careful, or you may lose something you did not intend!!!  In this case, it will clear out what you have and put in.  "ECN_Delete_4.Run("


2019-01-09 08_16_49-ECN - Engineering - Saved (Unpublished) - PowerApps.png


5.  If you did NOT intend for your control to be cleared out, pick somwhere in the free space, and pick <CNTRL>Z.  Or, pick the undo icon.  This will restore the previous control.  It will also show you the arguments needed to feed the flow.  Hopefully, you will see all of them now! 

 2019-01-09 08_25_59-ECN - Engineering - Saved (Unpublished) - PowerApps.png

6.  Go back to your command that contains the run statement, and check it now.



Not applicable


Thanks for the quick response. 🙂

Before I wrote down here, I really dont know how many times I did the same thing that you just told me to do. 🙂 But, still, I am having the same problem.

Could be a temporary issue but really annoying. 

I have found this to be quite troublesome.  Especially when trying to get rid of variables no longer used in a flow.  For that, the only resolution I have found is to start a new one, put them side by side, and remake it.  Some of my flows are tremendously complex, and has been a struggle.


I have not tried it, but some have had success "exporting" the flow, and re=importing it.  I'm not sure the mechanics of how to do that, but it might be worth a try if your flow is very complicated.



It seems there is a bug right now.  Parameters are falling off of flows that were previously working fine.  Just by saving, parameters are lost from the statement on the powerapps side.  This is a HUGE problem!!  I'm afraid to touch any of my flows right now, for fear they will stop working, and no way to fix them.  Creating the flow again does not fix this problem.  It goes much deeperr.  I think your issue is the same thing.  Please see these posts:



Not applicable

Thanks @martinav
Gonna follow those conversations.

I had better luck tonight.  I deleted the missing "Ask From Powerapps" items from the flow, saved, then readded them, and saved again.  THen removed the flow from powerapps, and readded it.  That got it working again.  I did nte same thing a few hours ago and it did NOT work.  So, it seems something has been resolved.

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