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Query Active Directory

I loathe to hard code people's names into workflows, it just leads to heartache down the line.  How can I query active directory for the user account for a job title in Flow?  I'd really prefer to fire of an email from within a workflow to the Chief Executive Officer instead of coding Bill Lumbergh.

Power Automate
Power Automate

Not directly possible today.


But, if you are willing to go to the length of dabling around directly with APIs, you should be able to.  You need to call the following URL:$filter=jobTitle eq 'CEO'


You can write a custom API to do the job.  See here:


You may also be able to achieve this using the HTTP+Swagger action as well.  See here:


Of course, I havent tried either... just preaching here.  Let know if that works for you.  Would love to know what worked for you.

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