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Advocate II
Advocate II

Re: Folder Not Found 404 error

Issue now resolved with assistance of a Microsoft Support person.


The Cause IS a code change by Microsoft somewhere in Power Automate, this is an issue created by and caused by Microsoft.


I use the "Folder path" Dynamic code - this is what appears to have been changed, for me.


Created a COMPOSE action, with the following code (expression):



This fixed the issue for now, but IF Microsoft make a change to revert back to the previous code - this will need to be removed.

For now - all is working again.

Very annoying of Microsoft to make these changes with no notice - this is unacceptable for any company, and is making the use of Power Apps, something to think seriously about 

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Totally agree with your statement and many thanks for your efforts to distribute this information accross the community. Kudos!!

Advocate II
Advocate II

Folder Not Found Cause to be REVERTED by SharePoint Team

UPDATE - Microsoft have confirmed: "we confirmed that this issue is a regression from a recent code change. 

The Product Group team agreed to rollback this recent change to resolve the ongoing issue with the "Get Folder Metadata by Path"


They are unable to confirm when this will happen due to the refresh process of the SharePoint pipeline, but this is imminent so please do not follow the above.


The issue is with Get Folder Metadata by Path ONLY!

Helper I
Helper I

My Flow was working as expected using Folder Path  but since last two weeks it was failing.

when I troubleshoot with run history noticed there is forward slash gets added at the end of the file identifier. 

using Compose I was able to remove the last char and use this flow again but when Microsoft make this correction we need to change this back again to the folder path.

following is the expression I used in my compose.

Advocate II
Advocate II

Update: Microsoft reverted the code on Tuesday 24/08/21 and the result is that the fix above now doesn't work.

Sadly neither does the 'Folder path' Dynamic code. So now the flows are not working at all.....


No fix presently, Microsoft are working on something, i hope.

New Member

I had the same issue but your substring method worked for me, Cheers!

Advocate II
Advocate II

The latest from Microsoft Premier Support is that the SharePoint team are still working on this issue and currently have not fix to put in place. This is as of 30/08/20 via email.

I have a number of flows that are broken and have not worked for 3 weeks today - since Microsoft broke their own system!!! Very poor service.

Advocate II
Advocate II

Microsoft have now reverted all changes and fix the associated code problems that followed.

All is now fixed, finally.

My flows are all working.

Thanks for the update! Working on my end too!



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