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Reading Data from QR code

Hi All, 


I am working on a project to record every time a certain area is cleaned. I am looking to install a QR Code that can be scanned and then have the time updated in a sharepoint list which will read to a power BI. 


The only information I need to read is which QR code is read (for example conference room 1) and the time it was scanned. I don't need user info or any other data. 


Is there a way to do this with Power Automate? 




Super User
Super User

@Anonymous you can do this using Power Apps as it has a bar code scanner control and then using Power Automate you can save the values anywhere you want.


Power Apps will be in front end and Power Automate in the backend, Power Automate is more of like processing things in backend.


You will find many videos on YouTube on QR code with Power Apps.


Hope this helps.



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The only problem is that the users may not have office 365 on their phones and may not be a user. I am looking for a way that anyone, with any smart device, could scan a bar code and that would automatically trigger an update to a sharepoint list without having them download an app. 

@Anonymous ohh I get it but that can't be done.

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Hey @Anonymous 


How about

1. create a list with fields, room name and datetime cleaned

2. create a flow that triggers from an HTTP Post and accepts 1 variable - room name

3. the flow will save the room name and the date/time of the run to the list

4. Create a series of hosted php pages for each of the HTTP Posts for each of the room names

5. Create QR's to each of the pages hosted in step 4.

6. Print and stick your QR's to your rooms 🙂


Something like..




rest example.png


Test it here 

Hi @Anonymous 


Regarding your issue of having office 365 installed on smartphone, you can use Ubiqod that does not require any app to be installed for QR code scanning.

You can easily create a flow that collects check-in and check-out from a QR code scan and stores information in any Microsoft app via the related Power Automate connector


Hope it helps!

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