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Recognize Text into one cell in Excel

I use Recognize text in an image or a PDF document to extract text and save it to Excel. If I save each Text of the lines to a separate row in a Table in an Excel file, I can iterate through the rows, combine the text, and search it with Office Scripts. If I append each Text to a string variable, then put the resulting string into one cell in Excel, even though looking at the spreadsheet all of the text from the file is visible in the cell, Office Scripts only recognizes the first line of Text as the cell value.  The cell does not look like it's missing any information from the document and it does not look like it has carriage returns embedded.


This is not working properly.

not working.JPG


This works because each row is one line of Text.



Why is this happening? Can I strip a special character from the string variable in Power Automate before putting it into the cell to be able to recognize all of the text?  


Hello @jiwhite , would you mind sharing your script snippet? Are you using the range.find() method? Also is it possible to share a screenshot (or content) of the cell containing the text that cannot be found? For troubleshooting on your end, you can probably try console.log() the text content read out from that particular cell and see if there is anything suspicious there. You can also try checking things like theCellTextContent.includes(theStringToSearch) (which should return true if the cell content contains the search string) in your script to probe the behavior.

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