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Run Child flows from Parent flows WorkflowUnderWrongSubscription issue

I created a parent flow few months ago & today I had created new flow child flow. When I try to call the new child flow, I was facing below error.

Note: Parent & child flows are in same solution.


Request to XRM API failed with error: 'Message: Flow save failed with code 'WorkflowUnderWrongSubscription' and message 'The child workflow '/subscriptions/subscription GUID/resourceGroups/resource geoupid -ENV/providers/Microsoft.Logic/workflows/workflowid' must be under the same subscription as the parent workflow. Parent workflow is under subscription 'subscription GUID' while child workflow is under subscription 'subscription GUID'.'. Code: 0x80060467 InnerError: '.

When I tried creating new parent & Child flows, then I was not facing any issue ? Looks like product issue. Any have resolution for this please help me.



That should not happen. The error indicates something peculiar in the underlying infrastructure if it is a real error you actually saw.


Although I doubt this has anything to do with it, do you know if in your organization an Azure subscription was removed? Even if it was, I don't know if it would affect Power Automate Flows as I am not sure they are even using the Azure Subscription of your tenant in the first place, so it probably doesn't matter.


In the case a change or removal of an Azure Subscription was changed on that same date, and it happen to be when you made the Parent Flow and then the Child Flow, that might be interesting to note if it could somehow cause this error to show up. I don't think Azure Subscription is used for Power Automate Flows, but in case that coincided, it might be worth noting in case that was the cause.


The other thing would be in case - was there any other significant change was made to the Office 365 tenant on the date that you tried it?


Another question, was there any significant change to the underlying "environment" the Solution was in?


Also, were the Parent and Child Flows imported from other Solution and/or from another environment? Or did you create them new in that Solution?


In the two Flows that have the error, I notice you make this statement after:

@prudhvimunagala wrote:
When I tried creating new parent & Child flows, then I was not facing any issue ? Looks like product issue. Any have resolution for this please help me.

does it mean you could not make the issue happen again, or does it mean something else? Was the manner in which you created the parent and child Flow inside the Solution the second time a different way than the first time, or was it the same?


By the way - are you ever able to make it happen again right now if you just make another Parent Flow and Child Flow in the Solution? Or did it only happen once on the date you tried it, and you cannot ever replicate it again? if you even just "Save As" and give a new name to a Flow already there - does that work as well?


If the issue does not happen again, then you can just make a new Parent and Child Flow perhaps and ignore the error - maybe it was just a strange one-time issue.


I did notice this:


@prudhvimunagala wrote:

I created a parent flow few months ago & today I had created new flow child flow.


Request to XRM API failed with error:

So, you created the Child Flow months after the Parent Flow.

Please go through above question and indicate if there were any changes within those months in:


- Power Platform Environment

- Office 365 Tenant

- Any Azure Subscriptions Removed or Changed


If you know of any, I am wondering if a specific kind of change after Parent Flow is made but before Child Flow is made could trigger this kind of peculiar error. 


Right now I am not able to reproduce it though, but it probably can only be reproduced under some very specific conditions.

Thanks for responding. Logged a ticket to Microsoft and I was told that there are aware of this issue and will be fixed in future releases. 

Resolver I
Resolver I

I solved the same/similar problem with a work around.


I created the parent flow in the same place that I had originally created the child flow (before I imported the child flow into the solution). And then I imported the parent flow into the solution. I then added 'the run child flow' step to the parent flow. 


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