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Run Flow as Item Creator

Is it possible for a Flow to run as the user that created the SharePoint list item that triggered it?


This is possible in PowerApps then a flow is connected to the button. The user that clicks the button that's who the flow runs as, which allows Send Email actions to come directly from that user. 


Is this possible with a SharePoint list item? Currently all the flows I create run as me, so when our users are submitting items with email actions they either have to send as me, or as a mailbox I have send as permissions on. We need emails to send as the user creating the item. 



Dual Super User
Dual Super User

Hi @CHalligan ,

What trigger do you use to start the flow ? Is a SharePoint - When an item is created ? 

Your scenario is based on SharePoint form or how your users fill the SharePoint items ? 


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Items will be created using a Nintex form.

To give a bit more context:

We have a self service solution built on-prem using Nintex forms and Nintex Workflow. When someone completes a form we use Nintex workflow to send an email into our ITSM solution that picks it up as a mail import rule and creates a ticket in the name of the user that sent the email. On-prem it's possible to spoof who the email comes from, so we use the Created By in the Send As field to achieve this. This is not possible in Nintex Online, and I understand why; it's a bit of a security risk being able to spoof emails. 


So we're looking for a way to achieve the same thing without having to rebuild our entire self service solution in PowerApps which allows us to achieve this by assigning a flow to a button. 


But to answer your question; yes, the flow is triggered by an Item being created.

@CHalligan ,

Well I'm affraid that your scenario cannot be achieved in this way and I try to explain why with my not to good English.

When you trigger a flow from PowerApps app all the actions are executed using the connections of the user who called the flow (the user from PowerApps). On the other hand, when you use an automated cloud flow (in our case a flow triggered by Sharepoint - When an item is created) the actions are executed using the connections specified for that and this cannot be changed dinamically.



What you can do is to use a service user (impersonate one) ... and use it to send emails.  


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