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Run History for Approvals

So, most of us know that in the SharePoint 2010 Workflows, the run history for approvals was stored with the list item (meaning you could click on the Workflow Status and it would show the list of people assigned a task for that item and when they approved/denied).  Now that the SharePoint 2010 Workflows are a thing of the past, how do I get Flow to do the same?  The run history in the Power Automate system isn't enough, we need to have a list of the people who it was routed to and what their responses were.


I know as a developer, I can get something put together relatively easily, but these Flows will be built by the user community using one of the templates provided by Microsoft, so any serious modifications would not be feasible.

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Super User III


I feel your pain but Power Automate and Designer Workflows are very different tools.  Different users will be building Flows.  Unless you have been made an owner of the Flow by the creator, you will have no visibility into what happens with the Flow.  

My suggestions are

  • log the information you need to a separate SharePoint list
  • add a multi-line text column to your lists and set it to append text.  Log what you need to the append text column as it happens.  if you use this technique, you'll need to be careful to avoid an infinite loop.

My suggestions imply that modifications will need to be made if your users create their Flows from a template.


Please let me know if you have additional questions.



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Continued Contributor

Exactly what @ScottShearer said. Save it all to a SharePoint list. You're already using SharePoint, so just create an item for each approver and keep other information like the ID the approval workflow ran on, date/time of the approval, etc.

Thanks @ScottShearer for your feedback.  This would definitely work and I've used this procedure before.  However, this time it's different.  The user is the one that is creating the Flow and they have very limited tech skills, especially with SharePoint and Flow.  To give you a little more background info, I created a small system for tracking Projects.  A project gets requested, and if the request is approved, a Project Site gets created (all of this is done through Flow).  Now that the Project Site is created and the project gets kicked off, the PM will create the Flow using one of the templates provided by Microsoft.  There will be several different Flows per project, and if the user would need to make these modifications for each one, and that's not going to go over well.  Knowing now that Flow history really isn't available like it was in the past, if I could make the modifications and provide them a template, that would probably work.  However, I don't have the time to submit it to Microsoft for their approval to get it in their templates.


Is there a way to provide my users the template directly?

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