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SHAREPOINT lookup column issue with people type column


I want to automate and send items of a certain position for the person in charge using flow.

Before building the flow, I hit this issue with sharepoint lookup column.


I've created a lookup list with 2 columns: Position (text type), and Responsible Person (People/Groups from the Global Address from my company).


What I want is in another list (that will be the database for my flow), to set the Position and get the Responsible person, but it is not showing up to be selected when creating the lookup column.


What can I do?


Thanks in advance!

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi @naiani 


Sorry got a little bit confused with what you need 😀


So your lookup columns are not displaying the data? Why are you creating another list when you have all information there?


Can you please share the Power Automate and obfuscate anything private that you can't share so that I can have a better understanding of what you're trying to do and the issues.


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Memorable Member
Memorable Member

Hey @naiani 



I'm a bit confused also of what you are trying to accomplish here by "creating" the lookup column.

Are you trying to create a new item in that db list or are you trying to achieve something else?


You could always use the Send a HTTP request to SharePoint action to update the newly created item.

So first put the Create item action and right behind that you use said action to update that lookup column.


Kind regards




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Hello @Tom_Slosse  @manuelstgomes 

Thanks for responding.


Problem actually is not on flow, but in the Sharepoint database before it.

My Goal is to delegate and send emails for people responsible for each document, so:


The database is this, associating a document to a position (Cargo in Portuguese)


In this other one, I have who is the person associated with the position (did it in separate lists to be easier to manage in case of turnover for example)


So what I need is to insert the person from the 2nd list in the 1st list, to have a full database for my flow.


I've read about lookup columns, but couldnt find anything like this problem. All articles tell me that it is possible to ad this lookup column, but the Person/Grouo type column is now showing up when creating it.


Sorry about imgur links, somehow I cant upload images directly here.


Helper I
Helper I

I agreed with @naiani , I am new to SharePoint & power automate too. Why would the creator want to limit the lookup for column type between SharePoint lists? It only makes the SharePoint very inflexible & on top of that creates another flow just for the workaround --> additional effort just to accommodate a limited lookup function

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