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SQL "Get rows" filter by datetime in a range

Hello everyone,


I'm sorry, if this question has been answered before, but I just read countless threads, while still having no solution.


I'm trying to fetch specific rows inside of a SQL-table, where the value of a datetime column should be in between of today and 14 days from now.


Thank you very much in advance!

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi @Dribbler31 


The easiest way would be to do a stored procedure with that query and then call it from Power Automate using the "Execute Stored Procedure" action.


The query can be something like this:

select * from <table> where <date time column> between DATEADD(day,-14,GETDATE()) and getdate()


I'm doing the query from memory, so apologies if the syntax is not 100% correct.


Is this what you need?



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