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Resolver I

STrings in (appently) different character sets.

This is a truly weird issue.


I am migrating data from one dataverse to another.

In my flow I use the old Common data service connectory to get the old system data.

I have a table in the old dataverse that I need to get the equivelent value from the new dataverse.


Get all values (only three) from old and create a array.

Ditto for new dataverse.


When migrating I find the value from the old system (a currency) and using the GUID I look for the value in the first array. From this I get a name. I then use the name to filter in new table to return me the appropriate GUID for when I create a record in the new system.


Issue - filter no returning data from new table (filtering on name).


CHanged code to do a for each on new array.

String comparisons failed.


Here is one string       - Australian Dollar

And here is the other - Australian Dollar


It says they are not equal.


Tried checking the lengths - both the same.


In an act of desperation, I converted bot to base64 and lo and behold I get this;


First string      - QXVzdHJhbGlhbiBEb2xsYXI=

Second string - QXVzdHJhbGlhbsKgRG9sbGFy


I am fairly sure that the data I have had returned by the OLD CDS connector is returned in utf-8 however the header returned by the CDS (Current environment) does not specifically show me the character set.


The front half of the Base-64 seems to be the same with both strings and then they diverge.


I thought I sawa string comparison function that I believe essentially compares using a UTF-8 type comparison, but currently have mislaid the link - will keep looking.


If anyone can shed some light on the above, I would be truly gratefull.







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