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Select User from MS Form Dropdown

I have a question that I'm having trouble putting into words.


Right now, I have a flow that is triggered by a user submitting an MS Form. The flow relies upon the user entering the email of another user to work correctly (I use "Get User Profile" with the form question as an input).


This isn't the best way to do things because users may mistype the email. Is there some way to populate a dropdown list with every user in the organization? Better yet, can users start typing the email and a list of potential options will pop up (this is the way it works when you type in emails inside power automate).


I'm just looking for a more dumby proof method to select users from the organization. From what I understand, this is not possible in MS Forms. Is there another solution? 


Thanks for any input!

Super User
Super User

Hey! Sure. If you have a SP List and use Power Apps


Create the list with the fields from the form and, in Power apps, create a form control

There, in the combobox, you can set the combobox to be searchable 

Thanks so much for your reply. I'm afraid that, after a few hours of googling and tinkering, I'm not sure what you mean. I have a sharepoint list with the emails of all my staff. Is there some kind of tutorial for what you're talking about? I can't find one.


Do I need to recreate the form in powerapps or?? Sorry, I'm completely new to PowerApps so not sure where to start.


Edit: To clarify, can I integrate this into my existing MS Forms? Or will I have to remake everything in PowerApps?



In power apps you just need to insert the form and set the data sorce


But you need to create the list in SP...



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@STA-Admin- You would be using Power Apps entirely to collect the same data you were in MS Forms.  Check out which talks about Office365SearchUser. You might need a couple of videos to get your project rolling so search through Shane Young's YT > and Reza Dorrani's YT >


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