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Advocate IV
Advocate IV

Selecting values from JSON returning null

I have a JSON object:

"CRM Contract Document ID": null,
"Confidentiality Exceptions": "(redacted)",
"Notice Clause": "(redacted)",
"Publicity Clause": "(redacted)",
"Force Majeure Clause": "(redacted)",
"Data Security Clause": "(redacted)",
"Contract Term (months)": "84",
"Party 2": "(redacted)",
"Product": "Incentive Solution",
"Opportunity Name": "(redacted)",
"Opportunity ID": "2065be52-5efd-e911-a813-000d3ab5549a",
"CRM Opportunity Type": "New business",
"Account Name": "(redacted)",
"CRM Account Name": "(redacted)",
"Account ID": "74812d2a-4cfd-e911-a814-000d3ab55bd2",
"CRM Opportunity Number": "12556",
"CRM Account Number": "104516",
"Party 3": "(redacted)",
"Party 1": "(redacted)",
"Auto-Renewal Opt-Out Date (calculated)": "2024-12-31",
"Renewal Date": "2025-06-29",
"Termination Date (calculated)": "Not Present",
"Effective Date": "2018-06-29",
"International Data Transfer Clause": "(redacted)",
"Frequency of Invoice": "Not Present",
"Customer Data Clause": "(redacted)",
"Exclusivity Clause": "Not Present",
"Confidentiality Clause": "(redacted)",
"Service Level Agreement Clause": "Not Present",
"Governing Law Clause": "(redacted)",
"Indemnification Clause": "(redacted)",
"Warranty Clause": "(redacted)",
"Payment Terms Clause": "(redacted)",
"Audit Clause": "Not Present",
"Insurance Clause": "Not Present",
"Additional Insured": "Not Present",
"Governing Law": "New York",
"Access Control": "Not Present",
"Renewal Price Increase": "(redacted)",
"Renewal Price Increase Percentage": "Not Present",
"Non-Solicitation Clause": "(redacted)",
"Limitation of Liability Aggregate Limit (text)": "(redacted)",
"Limitation of Liability Exclusions": "(redacted)",
"Intellectual Property Rights Clause": "Inconclusive",
"Change of Control Clause": "(redacted)",
"Term Clause": "(redacted)",
"Termination Clause": "(redacted)",
"Data Breach Notification Period (days)": "Not Present",
"Assignment Clause": "(redacted)",
"Automatic Renewal Term (months)": "Not Present",
"Changes Clause": "(redacted)",
"Commencement Date": null,
"Termination Date": "Not Present",
"Data Breach Clause": "Not Present",
"Invoice Payment (days)": "30",
"Termination For Convenience Opt-Out (days)": "Not Present",
"Automatic Renewal Opt-Out (days)": "180",
"Data Retention Clause": "(redacted)",
"Execution Date": "Not Present",
"Assignment Freely Assign": 888000000,
"Assignment Possible": 888000001,
"Assignment Requires Consent": 888000001,
"Automatic Renewal": 888000001,
"Change of Control Consent Required": 888000000,
"Confidentiality Consent Required": 888000001,
"Confidentiality Post Termination Period": 888000000,
"Customer Data Consent Required": 888000000,
"Customer Data Instructions": 888000000,
"Data Breach Notify Immediately": 888000003,
"Data Security - HIPAA": 888000003,
"Data Security - HITRUST": 888000003,
"Data Security - ISO": 888000003,
"Data Security - PCI-DSS": 888000001,
"Data Security - SOC": 888000003,
"Data Security - SOC 1 Type 1": 888000003,
"Data Security - SOC 1 Type 2": 888000003,
"Data Security - SOC 2 Type 1": 888000003,
"Data Security - SOC 2 Type 2": 888000003,
"Data Security - SOC 3": 888000003,
"Data Security Audit and Certification": 888000000,
"Force Majeure Exception": 888000001,
"Force Majeure Termination": 888000001,
"International Data Transfer Consent Required": 888000002,
"Limitation of Liability Aggregate Limit": 888000001,
"Limitation of Liability Consequential Damages Waived": 888000001,
"Service Level Agreement Service Level Credits": 888000003,
"Service Level Agreement Uptime Commitment": 888000003,
"Termination For Convenience": 888000003,
"Invoice Payment (days)": null,
"Automatic Renewal Term (months)": null,
"Renewal Price Increase Percentage": null,
"Contract Term (months)": null,
"Data Breach Notification Period (days)": null,
"Termination For Convenience Opt-Out (days)": null,
"Automatic Renewal Opt-Out (days)": null,
"Limitation of Liability Clause": "(redacted)"


where I am trying to select the Force Majeure Exception value using a compose card and the expression:

variables('Terms')['Force Majeure Exception']


However I get this error:


which states that Force Majeure Exception doesn't exist and that the available properties include Force Majeure Exception.

In fact, this happens with any numeric value in the JSON, however the text values can be selected perfectly well.


Any ideas?





Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

Hi @Stevenfayers ,


It's working fine at my end with your expression.


1- Initialized Json variable.



2- Compose


Inputs :  variables('Terms')['Force Majeure Exception']


Output :



You might be facing some different issue.




Advocate IV
Advocate IV

I finally solved my own issue. 


I was copy/pasting "Force Majeure Exception" from a spreadsheet when creating the compose expression. Unfortunately this action copied the UTF-8 encoding for the space between Force and Majeure and Majeure and Exception (hex C2 A0 for UTF-8 non-breaking space). This didn't match against the JSON which contained a normal space (hex 20).  I only found this out by exporting the solution, opening the JSON definition of the Flow in a hex editor and looking at it, effectively under a microscope. I'm posting this here in case anyone else suffers from hours of pain trying to resolve a similar issue.

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Stevenfayers ,


Thanks for your feedback, please consider marking your answer as a solution to help others.


Best Regards,


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