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Send Reminder Email



I'm trying to build a flow to send an email reminder to the manager and  Head. I'm using SQL Server as a database. 

Logic: 1) Send an email to the requestors direct manager after 3 days of request. keep sending every 3 days until the request status changes to a different stage.

          2) Once the manager approves the request, the status changes to the "pending final approval". Send a reminder email to the Head if he does not approve within 3 days of manager approval. 


Any suggestions? 




Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

How is this flow being triggered? Is it part of the approval flow or separate? It would need someway of being triggered. 


One method could be to setup a separate "Reminder" flow that runs using the "Schedule" every "x" amount of "time". When that trigger is hit, it cycles through all requests in the SQL database and compares the current date/time to the stored date/time in SQL. If it hits the condition, it pulls the email from SQL and sends a formatted email. 


For the Manager vs Head, if you are using 2 different status', another conditional to check the status to know if it should pull the manager or head email address. 



@mattias1172 ,


I'm not using flow for the approval process. It's all in Power apps. Yes, I did try to set up a flow to keep checking the status of the request but maybe I did it wrong.



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