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Send a policy to the entire organization and track acceptance

Hi all,


I have a use case where I need to send a policy to the entire organization and track the employees acceptance. I did this via an excel sheet with all of the emails (which was built manually) and customized the workflow to each employee. It was hugely inefficient and there must be a better way. Please help. 

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Super User

@pete_horan Not sure about specifics but something like this can be done :


Send email to users with their empid/email id in subject line followed by a special character

E.g. Subject - Accept this policy asap #3789/


and in the body add instructions for them to reply to the email as accept/reject(case sensitive)


and you can have a flow which triggers when an email is received, from the subject line you get empid/email id by doing a split operation by special character.


From the body extract the value - accept/reject and do you thing, update in a SharePoint list or excel.


Not sure if you how many users do you have, but now that you have the excel just upload it in a SharePoint list and add a column for accept/reject


Flow 1 - to send email for each item in the list 

Flow 2 - to update item when new email received/for each response.



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