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Advocate II

Send a table by email from SharePoint list without duplicate headers

Hi all, this is a tricky one to word correctly so thanks for your patience!

I have a flow which emails a list of all staff and their supervisor (from a SP list) however it isn't very printable which is what the customer wants AND it repeats the manager name for each employee, for example:

Jodie               Mike

Jodie               Andrew

Jodie               Lisa

Jodie               Doug

Jodie               Mike

(flow screenshot below of this)


What the customer wants is more like a spreadsheet layout, such as:


Managers       Jodie        Manager 2      Manager 3     etc
Staff                Mike        List of staff      List of staff     List of staff

                       Andrew   List of staff      List of staff     List of staff

                       Doug       List of staff      List of staff     List of staff

                       Jane         List of staff      List of staff     List of staff

                       Mary        List of staff      List of staff     List of staff


I'm not even sure where to start on this one. The SP list columns are simply called:

DisplayName (calculated) =CONCATENATE([First name]," ",Surname)

Manager (People or Group)






@Daniel_Pipe - Check out this article that describes injecting CSS styling for the HTML table:

Thanks Powerback19 but I'm not so worries about the styling, I just really want to be able to list each supervisor with their staff below them in a column.

@Daniel_Pipe - Have you tried putting the dynamic content value into the "Header" area instead of the "Value" area for the HTML table step? See if this will dynamically put the Manager name in the Header row and auto-expand to the right with the correct number of the columns.


I see what you are trying to do. It's like a matrix table with dynamic columns and rows.

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