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Send an Email notification connector not working as expected



I'm new to Flow and am struggling with an Flow I created. My Flow is one wherein users on my team submit responses via a Microsoft Form, and I want the respondent to receive an email with a record of each of their responses and a customized message. 


My Flow works perfectly when I use the "Send an Email (Office365)" connector. However, when I use the (non-Office365) "Send an email notification" connector it does not work. I don't want this Flow to send emails to the respondents using the Office365 connector because those emails show them coming from my user account and also show up in my Sent Items in Outlook, which I don't want. 


Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong with the general "Send an email notification" connector or why it isn't working.


Thanks a ton in advance

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Anonymous,


Do you mean that the flow could be triggered when a response is submitted in a form, but the action Send an email notification doesn’t send out the email?

Have you got any error messages?

Please share more details on the issue, I will help reproduce and report it.

Besides, Mail connector is a Standard connector which works for all the plans. There is no need to configure the connection:


Best regards,


Community Support Team _ Mabel Mao
If this post helps, then please consider Accept it as the solution to help the other members find it more quickly.

Hi! Ill contribute with the same problem as the OP.


Which is, that the connector 'Send me an e-mail notification' didn't seem to work. For me, no error message or any sign of malfunction occured, but I got no e-mail from the connector. I even created a test flow with only 'Recurrance' and this e-mail connector just to try it out. The subject and content of the connector was simply 'Hello world!', so no variables or dependants from other inputs.


This was about a month ago, and I bypassed my original problem by using the Office 365 connector instead (here my flow and criteria differs from OP).


I thought I now should retry my test-flow, and re-opened it to try it once again. I have now run it 3 times, and, actually recieved 1 e-mail with forementioned 'Hello world!'. So it sort of works?



I don't know what to conclude from this: to me it seems that something surely is buggy. If it has anything to do with anything, or not, my account on which I am signed in to Microsoft Flow, is not a Microsoft e-mail but rather an Yahoo-address in my case. If that matters (why should it?).


I would prefer to use the e-mail connector, much from the same reasons as OP, though.



Kind regards,


Helper I
Helper I

I am having this issue right now. My flow is succeding but no email is sent/recieved.


Anyone know a solution?

Frequent Visitor

The Send an email notification is sending to the "To" recipients but not to the "CC" and I can't see any issues. Has anyone had this issue?

Same issue for me.
The flow runs alright, but the email is not sent or randomly sent (I received only a couple of emails or of many successful executions) , even when the connector 'send email notification' says that it was executed ok.
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I have also noticed that the Email Connector not sending emails.. as with previous replies Flow is successful no errors Emails are not recieved by recipients.. we use this as our flows are run by an account with no email.


Attached a copy of the flow result for the email - oddly the output is blank object



Frequent Visitor

Here's the little secret I rarely see mentioned. 

This action (Mail): 


Is actually using SendGrid. I've had my own email not receive emails while building a flow.

But worse is when my customer suddenly and inexplicably stops receiving emails. 


I suspect their email was 'unsubscribed' and the provided 'subscribe' form doesnt fix anything. 


I had a conference call with Microsoft and my Exchange admin and the results: 

Flow is sending an email, exchange is not receiving it.   The middleware piece? SendGrid

(By the way, we are 100% cloud based O365) so EVERYTHING goes through MS servers.


A premier ticket was opened 16 days ago and I'm still waiting hopefully for a fix. 

But my faith in the flow/action 'Mail' is shaken.


I'll update if resolved



PowerApps Champion








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I am facing the same issue.


Hi @Danny did you receive a response from Microsoft?


Looks like the Mail V3 connector is intermittently failing. Need a quick fix as I have almost 30 flows using this connector and I would hate to switch to O365!




So the issue was resolved and this is the explanation from the Microsoft Support Engineer:

On 9/19 when your issue originally started happening Sendgrid sent a normal email to K***
like you had your flow set up to do. Unfortunately for some external reason the email
failed to deliver from Sendgrid to K***’s email with the
following error: “550 5.1.10 RESOLVER.ADR.RecipientNotFound;
Recipient k***.*****@**.com not found by SMTP address lookup”
This error could have been caused by basically any reason such as a downed pipeline,
a corrupted synchronization or there was simply a timeout with the delivery.
When this error happened K***’s email got automatically put on some kind of list on
the Sendgrid’s end that basically said that her mailbox was not a real mailbox so do
not attempt to send any emails to her. After working with some additional resources it
sounds like the issues like this are almost unheard of since something like this has
never actually happened before. Because of this your resolution was delayed due to
just how bizarre this issue was and we needed to check pathways that were not normally
associated with issues like yours.

So the issue for me has been resolved (for now), but if it happens again,
how will I know? No error message, no sign that anything is wrong. And the end user
doesn't know anything is wrong.

I suggest you open a ticket with Microsoft and stress that it needs to be handled
by the FLOW team.

my ticket was closed 10/28/2019 it was opened 09/30/2019

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Thanks for letting us know Danny.


What they have replied is not really a solution but just a workaround for a case. I have at least 30 flows that are using the Mail connector and ALL of them are failing - beware - my flows just keep running for ages and the emails don't get trigerred.


I have noticed another problem. Last night and the night before between 01:00 am - 03:29 am I received over 190 emails each day from <>. So clearly it's major fail at their end. I don't trust they will be able to resolve the issue and I am switching to the O365 send mail option. 😞 

Helper I
Helper I

I am having this problem.

Frequent Visitor

Is it not sending anything at all or does it work for a while then quit? When I was using the send mail connector everything looked great until I surpassed my quota and nothing went out until the quota automatically reset. I don't remember the timing of the reset, every hour or something. Microsoft told me this was by design... I started using the O365 connector after that. I had an account created called DoNotReply and that is what I send the emails as. You can use rules to keep you sent box cleaned up.

Thanks. I may likely engage that approach. Here are the details on what I am encountering with Send an email notification (V3): Send an email notification (V3) Permission Problem 

New Member

This was frustrating as there is no way to track where the issue lies as all the markers on the "flow" show that the email send  completes successfully.


All we could find was that Microsoft security feature disables sending to Hotmail and outlook accounts by default, (one user had a security notification and then after going through some authentication option he received a backlog of notifications, but we could not reproduce this triggered authentication process)


We found a ""Solution"" to send the email using the "gmail" connector  and a generic gmail admin email account instead of Microsoft exchange server, this processed instantly and was received by all test users.


Frequent Visitor

I tried the Gmail connector but received an error: Your flow was saved, but could not be enabled because it contains connectors to applications which are not compatible with the Gmail connector used in this flow.


Hoping to find another solution! My Leave Request flow works fine but the email notifications letting employees know it was approved/rejected are not working. No error message. I just realized this when submitted my own leave request on Friday.

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I'm having the same issue now in 2020.11.06! Unbelievable that this issue reported here ‎the 11-29-2018 has not changed!

Helper I
Helper I

Hello Everyone,


I am also facing the same issue , I have 3 level of Approval in my flow , I used to receive email notification for first 2 approval but not receiving email notification for 3 approval .

Please let me know if anyone finds a solution.

Frequent Visitor

@viyerMy issue has not been resolved. It seems that my company's email security continues to add the email to the blacklist. I am having to go into our email security software to release the blocked emails.


I set up a "send me an email notification" in my workflow that goes through ok as it is sent via, so it will notify me when the approval process has been completed. It is a pain but the only solution I found for now.

New Member

This is the way it's always been with Sendgrid - I have solved multiple non-delivery issues before by asking a supplier "Do you use SendGrid - could you please check your SG drop list, incase that address is on there?".


Unfortunately for OP, they didnt know their connector was actually using SendGrid, and probably wouldn't have had access to the usual "drop list" anyway.

As stated by OP, the problem is that SendGrid will report a partial-success to the sender, but before actually delivering the message, they will check their drop lists in-case that address has recently failed. If so, they DROP the email and won't notify anyone!

Why? Bad senders and Mailstorms...

  1. Imagine 2 mailservers "", "".
  2. Joan@North is on holidays, but sends a quick message to Bob@South.
  3. Bob no longer works for South, so South's mail-server auto-responds "User Not Found".
  4. Joan is on holidays, so North's mail-server auto-responds "Hi, i'm on holidays until tomorrow."
  5. ...South's mail-server responds again: "User Not Found"...
  6. The servers continue in this way until both servers melt, and UK's health service is left without email for a full day.

This example may-or-may-not be fictional, and the point is - there are lots of reasons to NOT keep responding to a "bounce" etc... but if the big players' spam-filters catch your misconfigured server trying to mailstorm someone, both the offending email-address' domain AND ALSO the mail-delivery server/company will both lose Reputation. Quickly.

If SendGrid/MailGun/that monkey one, etc... if they see a HINT of a bounce (often it's just the receiving mail-server hasn't responded 'OK' within a satisfactory amount of time) then they will temporarily add that 'possibly bad' address to a "drop list" and ignore them for up to a day. If they keep seeing unreliable delivery, that address will get added to a more permanent "drop list".

Unfortunately, if you can't get access to that SG "drop list", then I can't see a way that you can diagnose these stoppages very easily. 😭

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