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Helper II
Helper II

Send an HTTP Request to SharePoint - Unexpected response from the service

I am trying to get file properties for a SharePoint shareable link.  I came across a post about doing this using the REST API:


Solved: Get file properties from Sharing link - Power Platform Community (


I have it all set-up and the url I am generating gives me back the JSON I need if I paste it into a browser.  However using the Send an HTTP Request to SharePoint Action gives me the below error:


Unexpected response from the service
clientRequestId: b74fbfb7-d540-4375-af49-4142ec335486
serviceRequestId: b019c09f-203c-2000-a3bf-4839ee8817e5


Has anyone any idea how I can get past this last hurdle?




Super User
Super User

Hey Mate @eilishourigan 


This might be a temporary problem or Can you reproduce the problem on demand?


You might want to check your REST query (URL, and REST _api endpoint). Perhaps it might be a typo in your REST request.


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Below is the call I am making - I'm trying different combinations to see if I have gotten something wrong.  See below:


Screenshot 2021-04-20 144144.jpg



I can reproduce the error each time I run the script.  


I have posted the HTTP Request to SharePoint Action I am using above.

Based on the Post you have shared here, it looks like you have to use HTTP Action to get the JSON Response and not the "Send an HTTP Request to SharePoint" action.


Perhaps you can try and find out if it works!

Thanks, I had tried this but I was getting an authentication error.  I wasn't sure how to manage the SharePoint authentication with the HTTP Action?  Any ideas?

Came across this link on how to set up the authentication:


How to get started with HTTP requests in Power Automate - Microsoft Tech Community


I have followed all the steps but now I am getting an error: "Token contains invalid signature."



Hmm, if that is the case lets not get into how to get the HTTP action to work rather take a step back and understand why the SharePoint HTTP action is not working. 

You can check the following things to see what is going wrong

  1. The URL you paste on the Browser (which is giving you the JSON response) and the URL you are forming in the URI section of the Send HTTP request to SharePoint action are they the same? (I am suspecting this as the reason). In your Flow Run, check the URL that is being formed in the Send HTTP action and verify
  2. Check the format of the JSON Response you are getting, or if you can post it here I can take a look as well to see if there is any issue there
  3. If all the steps above are verified and we cant find any issue, I can suggest further steps although it might be bit of a pain to implement them. 😐

Thanks for your reply.  So to address each of your points:


  1. I checked this several times 🙂  I copied the site address and pasted on the URI that the script generated and pasted it all into the browser and it worked fine!  
  2. This is the JSON I am getting back from the server:
      "message""Unexpected response from the service\r\nclientRequestId: 3d94350e-313f-4fc5-9bbb-825b6e94c528\r\nserviceRequestId: 7a1cc09f-50e8-2000-bdb1-54ad83dc7b90",
      "error": {
        "message""Unexpected response from the service"
  3. Next steps.  So I was doing a little digging and it seems that I am trying to call a slightly different EndPoint so maybe that is why it's not working in the SharePoint Action.  There's an article on it here: 

    Understand differences between OneDrive API and Microsoft Graph - OneDrive dev center | Microsoft Do...
    I also found this article useful - I tried it but I think the permissions I set up weren't correct:

    How to get started with HTTP requests in Power Automate - Microsoft Tech Community


Thanks again for your help with this.  I know a few people have been looking to get File ID (or properties) from a sharing link so it would be great to have a solution in place.

I am not really sure how you are forming the URL for the shareable link but I have been doing some research and I also followed the Azure AD Registration Link you pasted above for HTTP Requests and below are my observations


I have been trying to access SharePoint Library from Flow using the HTTP action with the below two endpoints and I am posting my findings here

  1. (Direct End Point)
    1. When pasted and loaded in Browser, this gives me the JSON for the files within the Documents Library in "mysite"
    2. In my Flow, I sent an HTTP request to this endpoint with following configurations in the HTTP action
      1. NiloferA_2-1619172230320.png
    3. I get the same error as you do

      1. NiloferA_3-1619172674146.png
  2.{listGUID}/items (Graph API End Point)

    1. When pasted and loaded in Browser, it gives me the following error
      1. "code": "InvalidAuthenticationToken",
        "message": "Access token is empty.",
    2. In my Flow, I sent an HTTP Request to this end point with the same configurations as above, and it was successful and listed all the files within the Library whose GUID we mentioned in the URL

I tried a lot of ways to send a request to the Direct End Point (A), but with no success yet. Is it by any chance possible for you to try the Graph API bit here?

In any case, please share the outcome.

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