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Helper IV
Helper IV

Send an email notification V3 stopped working

Dear all,


Since today I have an issue with my flow sending an email with the Send an email notification v3 connector. I tried to replace the connector for the outlook send an email V2, but this one gives me an error (see attachments) Mail connector error.JPG

On this form I do see some responses/ suggestions but no clear (resent) solutions, does anyone can help me?




Helper II
Helper II

  • Hello @Ramonnooijen  I have exactly the same problem right now with the "Send an email notification V3".


My flow was running perfectly since 2 months and now I don't receive mails anymore... really weird!


Any ideas what it could be?



Same problem. Stopped working today, and does not even produce an error. The Flow shows as having run successfully, but the emails did not send. Tried a few times, creating a new Mail connection, still did not work. Planning to switch to an Outlook email connector.

Oh so it seems to be a general issue.


I really hope that it's a temporary issue because I don't want to switch to an "Outlook" conector.

Fortunately, I already had an Outlook connector, so switching was not difficult (at least for a single Flow). In fact, one thing I like about Outlook is that you can pick a "From" email, so i can make it appear to come from another mailbox, not just from me (or in the case of the Mail app, I think you get the email from PowerApps/Microsoft.  Outlook lets you personalize the From field a bit more.

Hi Ramon and Runner,

I have the same issue. I'm not getting any type of errors in the flow, and it appears as succeeded. 

I think that for the moment the only workaround is to switch to the Outlook email connector as suggested by Runner. 

Does anyone know how/if we can report this directly to Microsoft?

By the way thanks Ramon for your post. It helped me understand that this is a widespread issue since this morning.

Helper V
Helper V

Regarding your Outlook connector not working, can you share a screenshot of your Outlook step, with all the details expanded. The error seems strange. As long as you have a valid Outlook 365 email account connected, this should work.

New Member

Warning: Starting Tuesday 6 October 2020 users and flows using Send an email notification(V3) action may experience issues with sending email. Engineers are aware of this and actively investigating. The next update will be provided in 60 minutes, or as events warrant.


Is the problem fixed ?

Hello @frfages ,


Where did you find this message?


Ok it's good to know that they are dealing with the issue.


(I just tried again, it still doesn't work)



Helper IV
Helper IV

Thanks a lot for all replies,


Good to know that I am not the only who's experiencing this issue.
I did also try a test, but the connector is still not working.



Regular Visitor

Same problem - emails stopped firing yesterday evening from this connector. Please Microsoft get it fixed as soon as you can, we depend on this. Thank you. @hfMicrosoft  @Msft 

I'm sort of relieved to see all of your comments, as I am fairly new to Power Automate so I thought I did something wrong.


I have about 18 switch cases set up to send emails based on responses to a field in Forms. Prior to today, the notifications were working and people were receiving emails. However, I have users reporting that it is not working. Please please please update this ASAP!!!

Link to US version of support message: 

Helper IV
Helper IV

Yesterday Evening around 21:00 CET (UTC+1) we received all emails that weren't sent, which involved the connector issue.

I also did some tests, so in my opinion, the issue is solved.


Thanks for all responses!


Kind Regards,


Ok everything works fine again fortunately! Have a good day everyone

Advocate I
Advocate I

Stopped working for me again. On a lot of flows. @Msft @hfMicrosoft any ideas??

Post Patron
Post Patron


You can take reference from this Video

Also request you to please subscribe this channel

Skilled Sharer
Skilled Sharer

Yup, I am experiencing broken "Send an email notification (V3)" issues, also. 

New Member

Same issue here. Suddenly my confirmation emails started going to spam when I tested them using my personal gmail account. 



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