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Send an email notification V3 stopped working

Dear all,


Since today I have an issue with my flow sending an email with the Send an email notification v3 connector. I tried to replace the connector for the outlook send an email V2, but this one gives me an error (see attachments) Mail connector error.JPG

On this form I do see some responses/ suggestions but no clear (resent) solutions, does anyone can help me?




New Member

I'm here now.


Send an email notification (V3) stopped delivering email and there's no error as the flow runs successfully.

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Here the same problem, last e-mail received at 17 november, since then not working anymore. 

Post Partisan
Post Partisan

My flows all use v2 of the Outlook email action, and they are running properly. Glad I didn't switch to v3.

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Same for me, I am not using the Send an email notification v3 anymore changed all to the outlook send an email (V2) and that still works fine! (just sometimes you will need the flow again from scratch) 

Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

Same here. Having issues with this Send an email notification v3


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I've been seeing rumblings about Send Email Notification v3 being depreciated.  It looks like they finally pulled the trigger.   Somebody on Reddit confirmed this with a call to Microsoft:


If they really depreciated the action, it should return a failure instead of success

Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

This issue has been resolve now. All my Send Email notification V3 is now working fine!!!!

Send Email notification V3 started working again with all the missing emails popping up from the last hour or so.


@ericshen Thank you for the thread links. When you look at the output to the Send Email notification V3, it says it is using SendGrid operationId: "SendEmailV3". If you look at the SendGrid Connector (different from the Mail Connector),  their "Send email (V3)" Action with the same Operation Id: "SendEmailV3" is deprecated.[deprecated] 

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Had this issue today- caused a lot of pain!

Glad to see it's back working - would have been helpful to show it failed rather than success. 

what does it mean? Can we continue using "Send an email notification (V3)"? The unstability is really alarming, how can we find the root cause? I don't want to switch to Send Outlook email because the email notification I'm using is a summary report and being archived for audit purpose, so if it's from a mailbox then they would question whether it was automatically sent from the system or is manually written by someone. 

the V3 action technically doesn't stop working, it does send successfully but its sending from an IP that has been marked as bad. It uses Sendgrid in the backend, and it causes issues when Sendgrid is marked as a bad sender on tools such as SpamCop and other blocking lists. We had to dig into this recently, and the only reliable fix was to migrate all V3 instances over to the Exchange backed "Send an Email (V2)" version. 

If you look into this, you will find that all emails sent using the V3 action will come from, which is a Sendgrid IP. Check for that IP on your block lists of choice when the action fails, you will probably find it is marked as a spam sender again. For us, our Mimecast service was blocking it, due to it appearing on these lists. 

It's there right now actually....

DNSBL Information - Spam Database Lookup

That's really helpful, thanks for that, send an email v2 sadly isn't an option as our mail is on a corporate managed server - they are moving it over but its not happening soon.


Super User
Super User

Just to try to close the loop on this. There was an issue yesterday. On your tenant (if you can), go to  


Select Health - Service Health - Issue History. 


On my tenant under Issue History, I see an Issue with ID MO469544 and Title: "Users aren't receiving email notifications sent by the Mail connector in Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate". This was not a case of emails being caught by a spam filter (though that can happen). This was a case of the Mail connector NOT sending emails and no errors were captured or logged.


I looked further in the Issue History and I see Issue ID: FL469505 and Title: Email notification connector degradation


Part of the details for Issue MO469544 are:

Users aren't receiving email notifications sent by the Mail connector in Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate
MO469544, Last updated: November 21, 2022 6:36 PM
Start time: November 20, 2022 5:20 PM, End time: November 21, 2022 3:20 PM
Affected services
Microsoft 365 suite
Issue type: Advisory
Issue origin: Microsoft
Status: Service restored
User impact
Users weren't receiving email notifications sent by the Mail connector in Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate.
All updates
November 21, 2022 6:36 PM
Title: Users aren't receiving email notifications sent by the Mail connector in Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate
User Impact: Users weren't receiving email notifications sent by the Mail connector in Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate.
Final status: We've completed our monitoring period and our telemetry has confirmed that email notifications sent by the Mail connector are now being received and impact is remediated.
Scope of impact: Your organization was affected by this event, and users that receive email notifications sent by the Mail connector in Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate were impacted.
Start time: Sunday, November 20, 2022, 5:20 PM (10:20 PM UTC)
End time: Monday, November 21, 2022, 3:20 PM (8:20 PM UTC)
Root cause: An API service responsible for routing the affected Mail connector requests temporarily blocked the traffic, resulting in impact.
Next steps: - We're conducting a performance review of the Microsoft Power Platform infrastructure in collaboration with the affected API service to reinforce the service against similar future issues. This is the final update for the event.

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