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Send email with multi attachment from multi list sharepoint


I have 3 sharepoint list (linked by a powerapps):
* Job
* Applicant
* Recruitment action


I would like to send an email to the recruiter when the "Recruitment action" list changes to status: "ITW"

In this email I would like to include the candidate's CV (List: Applicant) and the job announcement (List: Job)


So we should:
0. Trigger: when the "Recruitment Action" List is modified
+ State = ITW


1. recover the Job file in the Job list


2. recover the CV file in the Applicant list


3. Send an email with PJ:
- CV file
- the job file



I don't know how to recover the file on a different list than the trigger.
Namely the "Action Recruitment" list also includes 2 columns:
* Job ID
* Applicant ID



Can you help me?

Super User
Super User


To retrieve related items from another list, you'll want to use one or more  Get items actions to retrieve items from the other list.  In your get items action, you'll use a query filter so that only items that meet your criteria are returned - where Applicant ID equals the Applicant ID of interest or Job ID equals the Job ID of interest.  If you do this right, each Get items action will return a single row of data.

For more information, see this blog post.



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