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Send email with options - adaptive card missing

When sending the email with options, sometimes the adaptive card is missing, the user gets only the HTML dialog buttons.

The settings are 

Show only HTML message: No

Hide HTML message: No

Show HTML dialog: No

We need the flow to return selected option and the user's email, so we need the adaptive card buttons.

Using the HTML buttons will break the flow, as they return only the selected option, not the user's email.

If we Hide the HTML message, we have no clickable link for the user to verify before he responds, the link on the adaptive card is not clickable. How can the card sometimes be missing (randomly, even for a user who had it before, and with the same outlook client)?


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I'm also getting this issue. Seems random when it happens and to different people. The source shows the adaptive card code. One colleague where it didn't show first thing in the morning, then showed two hours later. 


I wonder if Outlook has chosen to show the HTML version rather than the adaptive card, as I know you can show separate HTML content for clients that don't support adaptive cards, such as Gmail, which get hidden with Outlook. This relies on the  "hideOriginalBody": true. I've not tried adding HTML code separately to see if that displays instead, as it's in a production environment.


Any ideas as to why it's not working would be welcome.

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If you open Outlook for the first time and click on an adaptive card, it will not render. When you reopen the email, it will then render correctly. We can replicate it every time now. Not sure why it's not rendering when it's the first email, so will have to do some more digging.

So working with a colleague, we've narrowed it down to "Microsoft Edge WebView2" process not running when the email is clicked due to Microsoft Edge being closed. When you click away from the email and back again, it starts a Microsoft Edge Process and many "Microsoft Edge WebView2" processes, and the email is rendered. Can you let me know if you get a similar replication of this error when Edge/Chrome is closed (assuming you're using them)?

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Microsoft has confirmed this is a known bug and is working on the issue as of 18 Oct 2022. 

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