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Send email with options: how does it work?

I am very new to Flow and would like to know if there is any way to configure a flow that sends an email with options from someone else's Outlook account? I'm not sure how this flow action works, and I still don't know from which Outlook account the email would be sent when any user triggers the flow by clicking on a button in a PowerApps app.


The users would be able to input their email in a text control in the app, and I would like to use this text input to be the account the email is sent from.


Finally, within the app, users will have a dropdown control to select which department they are from (finance, HR, logistics, etc) and would like to integrate this to the recipient of the email. For instance, if my coworker chooses the finance department from the dropdown control, I would like the email to be sent from my coworker's email Outlook account to the Finance Manager. If my coworker were to choose the logistics department, the email would be sent to the Logistics Manager, and so on.


My data source for all the inputs is a SharePoint list.

Super User
Super User

@Anonymous :

Unfortunately, you cannot use the Send Email with Options action and send the email as another user.  The email will be sent form the account associated with the action in your Flow.


You can use the Send email action and send as another user but that does not include options and you would need permission from each user to send as them - probably not practical.


I suggest the following as a work around.  Use the Send an Email notification action.  The email will be sent from "PowerApps or Flow" and not as you.  Include in the email a link to the new form of a SharePoint list that you create to collect the users input.  Have a Flow that runs when a new item is created and do as you see fit with the users response.


You could use the concept and send the email from a shared mailbox as well.




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Power Participant
Power Participant

@Anonymous The option of sending an email on behlaf of someone else isn't currently available with the 'email with options' activity. To get this result you will need to either use the regular 'send an email' or one of the approval activities to acheive this result.

In order to send emails as someone else you need to assign 'send as' permissions for each account you want to be able to send on behalf of. This is done in 365 user admin.


In Powerapps you can use the 365 connector to get the email of the current user, no need to ask them to fill it out.


In terms of sending it to a different employee per department. You will need to store a list of departments and manager email per department then use the 'get items' for sharepoint list activity in flow with a filter of department to get the relevant manager email. 

Hope this helps



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