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Send email with options to multiple people



I have this scenario: I have an excel with 2 columns :


- Email

- Confirmation (Y/N)


I need to deploy a Flow that runs every day going through the list and for those with "N" on the second column, send an email with options for the person to respond Yes or No. If the person responds Yes, the second column's value for that email will change to Y.


I'm struggling with this process as as far as I see using "Email with Options", the flow keeps running until all people respond or times out. There might be people that will respond within the hour and others will responds maybe in 5 or 6 hours or event more. if someone responds after the flow times out, his or her response won't be captured by the flow


How do you suggest to tackle down this business problem?








Please try to setup remainder to ensure that an email is being sent to the approver every hour reminding that there is an action item pending on them.


Also try to configure the Timeout limit of the action card, by clicking on the three ellipses on the action card and click on settings.

Here you will be able to see the TimeOut option which you can configure based on your requirement.


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