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Send email with options?

I’m trying to make a flow for a time off request approval. I need to add a step that sends an email that would allow the recipient to pick from a drop down menu and update the list to indicate who is going to cover the shift. I have the column setup in the list just need to know how to formulate that email. Any suggestions?
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I don't know about a drop down list but you could make the Options be the names of who they could select to cover the shift and then below that have condtions that say 'SelectedOption - is equal to - Name1' then update the list with that name, etc.


So on your "Send email with options" part the User Options would be "Name1, Name2, Name3" and so on.


I have one similar to this but I did not go and try it for your scenerio but it should work.

Thank you Rebeccas. That’s how I originally set it up. And that worked. The issues with that is that the email is sent out to a group, and I’m constantly getting people accidentally hitting the wrong name and signing someone else up for a shift. With 20 plus names on the list, that’s a lot of buttons and a lot of room for error.
My next solution was to send a yes/no and when someone clicks yes, it updates a column on the list. I tried using the modified by last as a way to pull their user name and populate that to the list. Didn’t work. I think it would be simpler if there was a way to track who clicked yes and put that on the list.



Another way of approaching this would be to have a SharePoint list as the point of original entry.  This list has a person or group column (required) where the person covering the shift is specified.


Here is how this might work:

  1. List entry is created to request leave
  2. Approval process starts
  3. If approved, email gets sent to the person covering the shift or anyone else you want.

Will this solution meet your needs?




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The only other thing I have done (that I consider a work around) is I have a flow that goes out as an approval instead of the email with options.


For mine it goes out to everyone who can pick up an item. If they don't pick it up they do nothing and if they do they click Accept.


Next it looks for a Condtion of "Accept" and if they do then it sends out an email to everyone on the list letting them know that Name1 picked up this item.


Then it updates the item on my SharePoint List. It does two things there: 1) changes the item status to "Assigned" and 2) it stores the "Approver name" (which is collected from the Approval email that is sent out) as a Text field on my sharepoint list (It will not store it as a people field...or I didn't get it to).


Not sure if that will work for your needs but it does work on what I am using it for and is similar to yours. 


Good luck!


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