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Send one email based on Excel Online column where duplicate emails can be in that column



Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!  I am semi new, semi experienced with Power Automate, but am facing something new.  I usually work from SP online lists, but now entering into the Excel Online connections. 


I am trying to create a flow that will run once a month based on an excel column (this column holds the email addresses).  There can be multiple rows in the email column with the same email.  I only want one email to go to each distinct email address.


I have tried using the select to select the column and the union to get the distinct, but it seems to give me information that I cannot then use for the To: portion of the Send Email.   


My Excel Online file is formatted below.  I am setting a recurring email to go out to those that have not filled in their "Reviewed Initials" in the file remind individuals they need to fill out their form.


The email will be simple with just a message and a link pasted in the email to the Excel Online file.





This is very similar to a sample described below that uses Office Scripts (Run Script action within Excel online flow)


Instead of Teams message, you can replace that with Outlook send mail action.

Thank you, I will try that tomorrow and see if I can get it to work.  

I am not sure this will work when it comes to multiple rows with the same email address and only wanting one email to go to them.  


I think maybe I will have my co-worker create a sheet with all possible distinct email addresses and then use that.  Thank you.

If your input contains duplicate rows, you can simply decide which row to keep. That is possible to do in the script. 

I guess because I am not an expert at this I am not exactly sure how to accomplish that.  One thing I would also need to make sure of is that if there are Initials in the column next to champion, the 2nd email would not go out.  Is there a way to accomplish that in the script as well?

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