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Send or update operation could not be performed when flow attempts to flag email.

We intermittently receive the following error when a flow attempts to flag an email after it arrives.  Re-running the flow works, but I would like to resolve the issue, rather than just re-running the flow each time it happens.  Does anyone know what causes this?  I have searched, but not found that answer.


The send or update operation could not be performed because the change key passed in the request does not match the current change key for the item.


The only thing the flow does is trigger when an email arrives to specific recipients and flag the email.  There are no variables, formulas, etc.


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Super User

Hi @smgilpin 


It's a super strange issue, indeed.


I know these are "let's try to see if it works," but resetting/deleting the connections and adding them again. Sometimes connections get screwed up and strange errors like these occur.


Another issue can be the frequency of the emails. If two emails arrive too close, the API will trigger this issue. It may happen in busy email boxes. I would recommend adding a small delay so that it give time for everything to get correctly saved.


Here are 2 cases that I found that are not directly related to Power Automate, but the error is the same:


The solution is always to add a small 100 milisecond delay.


Can you please try and let me know if it works?


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I added a delay of 5 seconds (minimum allowed) just before the step that is supposed to flag the email.  The flow still fails the same way occasionally.

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