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Send reminder before due date which was entered on beginning



On beggining of my flow, among other fields I enter "Requested Completion Date". I want to create something like this:


1. After a lot of approvals and feedbacks (many flow steps), flow sends email to responsible person to let him know he can start his task (he knows the requested completion date)

2. 3 days before requested completion date I want to send him email with option of comfirm that he finished his task. 

3. He can click the button inside email whenever he wants - but the date of comfirm will be entered to specific sharepoint column. 

4. After comfirm, flow goes next to another responsible person.


One of the problems is that task could be very long, for example 3 months. 


Do you know how to achieve this ?


Thank you

Super User
Super User


Here are some thoughts on how to accomplish your goal:

  • Use a recurrence trigger that runs daily
    • Using a recurrence trigger avoids the 30 day limitation
  • Use a Get items action with anOData filter
    • The filter will look something like this:
      • RequestedCompletionDate eq 'addDaysutcNoww(),3,'yyyy-MM-dd')'
        • Everything after eq is part of an expression and needs to be entered in the expression window
        • You'll need to check the internal name of the Requested Completion Date column to be sure you are referencing it properly in the filter
  • Send an email to all records returned by Get Items
    • Use a send email with Options action
    • Use another utcNow() expression for the date to enter in SharePoint

Hope this helps.....



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Helper I
Helper I

Hi Kuglarz96, 


with the below provided informaiton it sounds like you are trying to manage some sort of tasks handling pipline 

for example PM creates feature -> Dev person developing it -> QA testing it -> Production release it 

I don't know if there is any 3rd party tool or other integration involved here but I'll address this as a black box. 


in my mind you have 2 flows:

1) Sender - that checks who is responsible (you decide where to check this and how many times) and sends him emails, one case is the first stage - start the task email and another case is an email X days before Y date which is saved somewhere. ( this can be done in condition with datetime compare)  


the result of the responsible person (button, or the new datetime with the finish task saved somewhere you can access) gets triggered by another flow (2) Updater - that will probably read this change, and update the new responsible person according to your cases in the same place you save the details and the first flow will now trigger again with the new person. 


now it doesn't matter if it takes 1w 3m or 1h they are 2 seperate flows that trigger with different cases


hope it is some help or maybe I misunderstood the entire thing 🙂 

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