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Sending an Email Reminder

Hi there,

I have a share point list "Employees" and I would like to send an email reminder 3 days before and event occur like the birthday or a contract renewal. Both dates are in the past so that is why is getting tricky to figure this thing. I mean for the birthday we are now interested in the year just to match mm/dd with today's mm/dd, and the same for the contract renewal.


So I have created this complicated SPL where basically I am extracting the MM/dd from the birthday and Hire date and the MM/dd from today's and comparing values making an IF Statement. The problem is Sharepoint doesn't update a calculate field so my Current date keeps in the date that was saved or updated. I have tried many ways and none of them works. 


So, to summarize contract flow and BirthdayFlow will appear 4 days "Yes" until both days are exactly i.e 12/21 eq 12/21 that condition plus if active2 = Yes, will trigger the flow. 


I can't get this to work for the SPL side, I have tested and I can get the email reminder but if I update the SPL.


Someone could point me in the right direction?


Thanks in advance,



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First, if your TodayMD column is a calculated column, it won't get updated unless you edit and save each individual item.

There are a number of different solutions to your issue.  Can you tell me how many items are in your list so that I might suggest the appropriate solution?


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Thank you very much for your prompt response, in the list I have 50 items and it won't increase more than that

Also I am implementing this but flow is complaining also:





Hi @ScottShearer , I have changed the structure a little bit, and I am getting an email reminder but only in the day of the event. 


So, could you please advise how can I add a condition to check 3 days in advance?


DOBMD = 12-22



formatDateTime(utcNow(), 'MM-dd')
Thank you kindly
Advocate II
Advocate II

DAYOFYEAR Function | Microsoft Docs

Returns an integer, 1 to 366, that represents the sequential day of the year in datetime or expression. The DAYOFYEAR function uses the Gregorian calendar.


So, to check if DOB is 3 days ahead do this:

  • Compose (remove 3 days from DOB): addDays(DOB,-3)
  • OR use the "subtract from time" action, subtract 3 days


  • Condition;
    • dayOfYear(output from previous step)
    • is equal to
    • dayOfYear(utcNow())

This will probably be 1 day off in leap years, but you can adjust your flow those years if you want to :).




Helper I
Helper I


the way I implement to sent a birthday reminder is the following:

* I have a sharepoint list where the birthdate is kept in text format

* every day I run a flow that takes this birthdate minus the year, so I only keep mm/dd

* this is evaluated with today() + 5 (send a reminder 5 days in advance)

*if this is true I add the first and last name to a variable

* later on I check if this variable contains any characters, if not it's nobody's birthday in the next 5 days and I terminate the flow. If yes, an email is send to the rest of the team informing them of a birthday coming up






Thank you both @bottekott and @KoenM. I still getting mental with this. I have 3 flows and only one is working so far:


Flow 1 = Send an email reminder for Birthday \ Not working!

Flow 2= Send an email reminder for Contract Renewal \ Not working!

Flow 3= Send a Birthday Card. | Working !!!!



The send an email reminder for a birthday and contract renewal I would like to happens  3 days before the day of the event, 2 days and the day of the event.


And also I have changed my SPL to get both values DOB and HireDate with this format MM-dd. don't know if this helps but having the format MM/dd flow was complaining.






Now I am stuck again don't know how to add that condition for the birthday reminder and the contract renewal.


Thanks in advance for any help.





Hello @KoenM ,


Related to your message in this topic. Could you please be so kind and describe a little more specific the last point "send to the rest of the team...". I have very simillar situation but i can't handle how to exclude the birthday celebrant from recipient list. 


I use a double condition to check if the member of my list has a birthday, else he's on the "others" list.

condition birthdayboy: if today() = DOB

condition others: if today() != DOB

you can change today() to today()+5 if you want a 5 day advance notice


if condition birthdayboy = true --> append email address to varBirthdayboy

if condition others = true --> append email address to varOthers


ultimately check if varBirthdayboy != empty, then send the email to varOthers


Loop this every day for every member and you will have to variables when someone's birthday is coming up. Only send a warning to the others list, the birthdayboy will probably know his birthday is coming up 😉




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