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Helper IV
Helper IV

Sending an email of a chat which would trigger a service desk ticket

Hi there,

I am not actually sure if this is possible, I have been messing around with Flow to see but am coming up short.


Basically I am hoping to come up with a process where if someone mentions the servicedesk, it will trigger and email that will collect the chat, the persons details who did the mention and send an email to the service desk.  An issue would be created with maybe a generic short description as "From MS Teams" and the body of the chat in the email would be used as the description of the service desk request.


Sending emails to the servicedesk is a thing we do all the time now, but just trying to avoid the extra hops where someone hits up support in Teams and then the Support Engineer tells that person to create a service desk ticket - trying to avoid a repeat step here.


Is anything like this possible?


Many thanks.


Hi @stevenls 


Where would you envisage user mentioning the helpdesk - a single channel?


It is possible to do at least some of the things you mention, either part or fully automated.  For example, you can create a flow that is triggered from a message in Teams. From the elipses you can trigger a flow with the following trigger.  I use this to save messages to planner when someone has set me a task in a conversation.





this shows you how I can trigger a Flow from Teams - this could raise your call using your existing actions to the helpdesk system.


For a more automated way, you have when I am mentioned in teams but this will require a connection for the generic service account that users will be mentioning.  


The other option to investigate is PVA.  Through teams you can have a Virtual Agent that users can interact with and potentially resolve your to 50 QnA's with the option of finally logging a call all through the bot.  You've got lots of potential templates and solutions here to explore and don't forget, you can install and re-use parts of these solutions if you want to get a head start.


If this post helps, then please consider Accept it as the solution to help the other members find it more quickly.

P.S. take a look at my new blog here

Helper IV
Helper IV

hey thanks for the prompt reply.  The mention could technically be anywhere which is where I thought that may be the downfall as it may have had to be bound to a particular channel.

I like the basic idea of the clicking of the ellipses to then fire off the email to the service desk, will have a look and see what I can derive from the chat to form the email.

PVA - they look very very cool and I can see a number of places these could be used, just listening to different gripes people have about moving / collecting information...  I think that is a longer exercise to understand and implement.  


I'll attempt to come up with something based on your first suggestion and look up some articles to see how to put that in place.



The good thing about PVA is being able to launch Flows but you would need to have the big boy license if you want to use premium connectors in Teams Dataverse - I am not 100% clear on this one but it's worth knowing the pro's/con's.


So it really depends on how you interact with your Call Management platform.  I also did a couple videos on ServiceNow interaction with Power Automate Desktop, if that happens to be your system.


I would be interested to hear where this one goes...



Thanks for that, yeh we are not premium licensed so will look at one of the other solutions.  We use Cherwell as our ITSM solution but I would imagine the theory of getting something to Teams to there is similar (even if it is just an email workflow).

Answering with pretty naïve responses at the moment as I am not sure how to hang this together, but I have a path of investigation at least 🙂



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